Latest Hacking Software For [Android]

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May 15, 2017
1. Shark - The same wireshark. Yes, it is also under Android. Works flawlessly. Wound up on the device without any problems. Writes logs in * .pcap format. Folds on sdcard. The file can be easily disassembled both on the windows machine and on the phone itself, using Shark Read. (A good application. Especially if the phone works as a WiFi access point)

2. DroidSheep / Facesniff - Interception of web sessions. Pretty simple but sensational applications. We cling to the open point, launch and wait ... By the way, sometimes you can hang the point itself.

3. WiFiKill - Application must have. Scans the entire subnet where you are. Displays a list of devices. Choose a non-liking, click on the check mark and wait a couple of seconds. The device remains without the Internet.

4. Set MAC address - Change your MAC. Works well in conjunction with p.3.

5. Net Swiss Tool Free / Fing - Scans wireless networks, displays a list of connected devices. It can scan each device separately, give a list of open ports. The trial also includes ping, trace, wake on lan, arp, udp-flood.

6. Wi-Fi Analytics - Beautiful application. Displays all available access points, SSID, mac, encryption, signal strength.

7. Hosts Editor - Allows you to edit / etc / hosts. A useful application, especially when the phone acts as a WiFi point.

8. kWS - Android Web Server - web-server. Works well with clause 7.

9. RouterAttack / Route Brute Force ADS 2 - Real BruteForce on Android! Each application tries to try Basic Access Authentication. The software itself is a bit damp. But my point, with a password of 12345, was quite easy and fast. For normal operation - do not forget to download a good dictionary.

10. Router KeyGen - selects preinstalled WPA / WEP access keys for your Android smartphone, from routers located nearby. Works well with standard Thomson, DLink, Pirelli Discus, Eircom, Verizon FiOS.

11. Android Network Toolkit - Anti - Universal application. Network scanner, sniffer, MITM, Remote Exploits! Extensible functionality through plugins. The more functionality - the more money it costs.


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Sep 27, 2021
Bro you have Brute Force latest update?
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