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Oct 28, 2016
In this thread, I will tell you about a fully encrypted Slack-like messenger.

Keybase is a relatively new open source chat application for computers and mobile phones using public key encryption.
It is free and boasts a clean, modern user interface on all devices with graphical interface support.
It also boasts the ability to initiate conversations with people around the world without using a phone number or email address, using the Tor command line anonymity function, using # tags and @ mentions, creating groups and other interesting features.

Keybase Features
  • Nice GUI with well-organized panels, tabs, animations and settings.
  • Conversations with people around the world without knowing their phone number or email address.
  • Communicate in groups and use tags # and @ mentions to simplify communication and search.
  • View people profiles.
  • Cross-encrypted conversations.
  • Free to download and use without ads.
  • Available on several platforms, including Chrome / Firefox, GNU / Linux, macOS, Windows, Android and iOS.
  • Open source - with code available for contributing to GitHub.
  • Supports Tor from the command line — users can protect their identity thanks to Tor’s well-known anonymity algorithm.
  • Supports native notifications, including @channel and @mentions pop-up windows.
  • Securely communicate with any users of Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Reddit and Hacker News.
  • Automatically synchronizes data on connected devices.
  • Supports media attachments.
We remind you that you will need to have a local Tor SOCKS proxy server in order to use Tor with Keybase on the command line.

The keybase is published as an end-to-end encrypted Slack and Team Dropbox, combined into one application for the whole world, so that everyone can use its functions in the full spirit of open source.
After you follow these instructions, you will receive new versions of Keybase installed on your system.

On Debian / Ubuntu
curl -O
sudo dpkg -i keybase_amd64.deb
sudo apt-get install -f
On Arch Linux
pacaur -S keybase-bin
To restart Keybase after the upgrade, enter run_keybase, it will kill and restart everything, including mounting with KBFS fuse.
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