Kali Linux on Android

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May 15, 2017
Kali NetHunter is a version of the distribution that is optimized for Android smartphones.

The very Kali Linux

At its core, NetHunter is almost unchanged Kali Linux, installed on top of Android and running inside the chroot environment. It includes the same set of a huge number of well-known pentesting tools, as well as the XFCE graphical environment, which can be reached both from the smartphone itself and from the laptop / computer / tablet using any VNC client.

NetHunter differs from “just installing Kali Linux in chroot” in a few nuances. Firstly, there is a graphical application for managing some features of the distribution, such as launching certain services or turning on the MANA access point. Secondly, it includes a small set of Android-software, which will be useful when performing attacks or working with the distribution: Hacker's Keyboard, Android VNC, DriveDroid and others.

To install NetHunter you already need to have a smartphone with root-rights and a custom recovery (ie TWRP), and download the firmware NetHunter.
  • Download Kali NetHunter link . (Clickable)
  • The downloaded image of NetHunter is copied to the root of our smartphone or SDCard / USB flash drive.
  • We find this firmware in our custom recovery (TWRP) and install it.
  • Immediately I warn the installation takes at least 20 minutes.
  • After installation, make a Wipe (left will be) and reboot.
  • We see the animation from NetHunter'a, rejoice. But what to do next?

After starting the device, we go into the NetHunter application and allow everything that NetHunter asks for.

Install the downloaded BusyBox and select the path / system / xbin and click Install.

After we go to the Terminal application, the Select shell window drops out and we select KALI (located on the left).

We write teams in turn:

apt update
apt upgrade
We rejoice ... We use ... We roll packages ... We crack ...

How to find and install the NetHunter

kernel? It is required to make a backup of the kernel!

We write in the browser "the device model of the nethunter kernel site: xda-developers.com"

We find the kernel we need, download, copy to our device and install, reboot and the device will boot long, if after 15-20 minutes the android did not start - then the kernel is not got up, which means that the kernel is not right and we are restoring the kernel from backup
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