Jabber for Newbie : Basic configuration and how to create Account

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May 15, 2016
Hello everybody !

Today i will show u how to create a Jabber account and configure the messenging client to start Chat ..

Step 1 : Create Jabber Account

- Visit https://jabber.at/account/register/

Step 2 : Install and configure the Client (Pidgin)

- Download and install Pidgin : https://www.pidgin.im/download/

- Open Pidgin and go to Accounts or Ctrl+A

- Click Add and choose the protocol : XMPP

- put the Username , domain "jabber.at" and your password .. Click Add and Close

- Congratulation you have been success configure your Client and now you are Online.

Step 3 : Add Friends and start Chat

- Go to Buddies / Add buddy and on Buddy username put the jabber address of your friend click Add ...

- Now wait your friend accept your friend request for start chat with him

Best Regard.
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