In The Uk, Lurk Member Received 6 Years In Prison.

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May 15, 2016
The 25-year-old student has been associated with the cybercrime group Lurk for six years.


Member of the Russian-speaking cybercriminal group involved in the spread of extortionate IN Reveton, was sentenced in Britain to six years' imprisonment and a fine of $ 355 thousand.

As reported National Agency for Combating UK crime Monday, December 10, a resident of Essex Zayn Kaiser (Zain Qaiser) admitted that he was a member of a cybercriminal group, and in April of this year was sent to a correctional facility.

According to investigators, the 25-year-old student has been associated with the acclaimed Lurk group for six years. His role was to buy advertising space used for the distribution of malware on pornographic and erotic resources under the guise of a representative of legitimate companies.

By clicking on an ad, the victim was taken to a fraudulent malware site, including Reveton. The malware blocked the system and displayed a fake notification from law enforcement about a user breaking the law. In order to avoid punishment, the victim supposedly has to pay a fine of $ 300-1000, and then her computer will be unlocked. During the period of activity, the group infected millions of computers in 20 countries with malware.

According to British law enforcement agencies, according to tax returns, Kayser had zero income, but at the same time led a luxurious lifestyle. The criminal stayed in expensive hotels, spent money on drugs and gambling. He was arrested in 2014, but then released for lack of evidence. In 2017, charges were brought against Kayser, ultimately leading to his detention.
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