In Spain, arrested the largest cyber fraud in the history of the country

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May 15, 2016
Spanish “Arsene Lupine” earned up to 300 thousand euros per month on fraud.

In Madrid, arrested the largest cyber fraud in the history of Spain nicknamed Lupine. According to RIA Novosti, 25 court orders were issued for the arrest of a criminal.

The 23-year-old Spaniard is accused of creating fictitious online stores that offered game consoles, mobile devices and home appliances to customers. The fraudster actively advertised his sites in social networks, and after a few days he closed them, pocketing the money of hapless customers (payment for the “goods” was made only by bank transfer).

According to law enforcement, over the three years of illegal activity, the Spaniard managed to create up to 30 such one-day sites. Income from fraudulent stores amounted to about 300 thousand euros per month.

In addition to fictitious online stores, the fraudster was brought in by the bank data of the victims, which he obtained using social engineering methods. Lupine urged buyers to install an application that supposedly allowed to track the purchase. In fact, the application collected the victim's bank data and sent it to the fraudster. With their help, the offender transferred money from customers' accounts to other cards, and then cashed them through ATMs, hiring for this "mules".

Together with Lupine, the police arrested two accomplices. Fifty mobile devices and one hundred SIM cards registered for nominees were confiscated from the suspects.
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