In China, cryptopyramid stole $ 30 million from investors thanks to the Tron brand

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May 15, 2016
In Beijing, the Chinese police were forced to protect the cryptopyramid that used the Chinese brand of the Tron project from an angry mob. Victims accuse Tron founder Justin San of inaction.

The Chinese cryptopyramid, Wave Field Super Community, has stolen $ 30 million from investors. The calculation of fraudsters was based on the fact that Wave Field is the brand under which Tron's crypto project is known in China. The pyramid was launched in January 2019 and positioned itself as Tron “Super Representative” - one of 27 nodes with a special status in the Tron network. The company's office was located at the Beijing Research and Development Center.

On July 1, the Wave Field Super Community fraudulent project site stopped working. For six months, the criminals managed to fool thousands of investors and steal $ 30 million in yuan. The organizers of the pyramid are wanted.

On the day the site was closed, users of the Chinese social network WeChat began to distribute a suicide note and photos of a woman named Xia Bin, who allegedly committed suicide because of lost money. She was a middle-aged single mother and borrowed money from her neighbors to invest in a crypto pyramid.

The Beijing police had to guard the employees of the fraudulent company from an angry mob. Many victims blamed Justin San, the founder of the real Tron, for connivance. According to the victims, some investors wrote messages to Sana with a request to comment on the work of the company that operated under the Tron brand and promised a high return on investment.

Justin Sun, apparently, knew about what happened in early July. On July 1, a message appeared in his twitter, in which he advised investors to study more suspicious projects that parasitize on the Tron, BitTorrent or uTorrent brands. But San did not mention the name of the Beijing Pyramid Wave Field Super Community.

Today in the blog Tron appeared a message in which the team expressed sympathy for the victims, but urged to abandon acts of violence.

“Regarding the reports on the inaction of Tron, in particular regarding the fraudulent project of the Wave Field Super Community, in January, when we learned that the Wave Field Super Community attracted investors on behalf of Tron, we issued a warning to investors and published it in official groups in WeChat, Wei Bo and Dou Yin. We urged to beware of potentially fraudulent schemes. ”
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