How to make Clean Money with your PayPal


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May 27, 2016
1, search good shop with cc's.Search for the specific Bin you want... 546616 or just buy any world bin.. use the search filter on the website and filter to only world ccs.

2, assuming you buy citibank bin, afterwards call citibank to check the balance on the card to know if its gonna cover the high amount you wanna charge... citibank direct toll free line to check balance is +1-800-9505-114 then enter the cc details and follow the voice prompt then enter the zip code and you'll get the balance.

3, when you're done with that, go to xDedic and get a good residential rdp, clean rdp with no blocklists or high risk score.

4, On your rdp go to and make sure you're getting a 100 percent and no dns leaks... if the rdp you bought is windows server, then download mozzilla and install useragent spooofer and change your user agent to windows 7, 8, or MAc os. Do this only if your rdp is windows server.

5, Go to ticketmaster and sign up with cc holder details example 5466160314324649: 01/19: 967: 4 Cape Hatteras Ct: 94065: Redwood City: Kenneth: Kenneth Purdy: Purdy: WORLD: 1-4966022293... sign up on ticketmaster as Kenneth Purdy with the cc user address and put phone number you can put cc holder rea phone no or a burner cos TicketMaster rarely calls I haven't ever been called by them. For email you can create emails yourself or if you don't have the time, use any made up email... example or bottomline is you can use any made up email you want in cc holder name.. Edu and domain name emails help a lot and it doesn't have to be real cos all you need is to download the pdf from your Ticketmaster account.

6, select the concert or nba match or any event you want to card and correctly type in the cc details and checkout... after order goes through, your tickets will be available to download instantly or after 30 mins or thereabout if it went to manual review but most times its instant download.
7, Download your tickets pdf and logout of Ticketmaster.

8, on the same rdp go to or then sign up with the name on the paypal you want to use and receive the clean money, when you sign up go to sell and list your ticket. Make sure the email you used to sign up is the email of the paypal you wanna receive the funds from. You need to add a cc when listing the tickets that's the policy... you can use any cc info you bought and it doesnt charge the cc they just need a valid cc on file.

9, You can use any paypal account for this cos this money won’t chargeback if you follow my steps correctly.

10, List your PDF tickets at a price slightly lower than the ones so it will be bought immediately.

11, After your tickets are bought, Stubhub or Viagogo will send you the money to your paypal.

12, on rare occasions the tickets might not work if the cc you used on Ticketmaster charged back early. To avoid this, only use one cc on a pair of tickets, do not reuse ccs, and card just a day before an event. Alternatively you can card stubhub but cardigng stubhub is a bit tricky cos they are a reseller platform and their tickets don’t cancel like ticketmaster even if cc charges back. But to card stubhub you need a new method, I’ll share that later.

13, Note don't forget, when listing the tickets for sell on stubhub and vivid make sure you use the email of your paypal.

That's it.

This method can make you anywhere from $500 - $1000 from each pair of tickets, success in fraud depends on the amount of work you put and how serious you are, so stop waiting and ge carding already.s


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Aug 5, 2017
Do you have to keep making a new PayPal ?
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