How to increase your Approval rate? About "Decline 05" code


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Oct 28, 2016
How to increase your Approval rate? About "Decline 05" code

Some customer complain on getting "Decline 05" on POS terminal
and think the reason that holder don't have money on his account
but only "Decline 51" request code means that Holder Don't have Enough Funds.
In that tutorial you can find some reasons why you getting and what means "Decline 05" code.

Some typical reason why dump is not working:

Card Holder is already used his card at his/her hometown
and now 5-30 minutes after you're trying to use this dump 500-1000 miles far from
the place where holder lives, it's definitely gonna make bank's
security suspect this transaction and you get decline on POS terminal.

Bank security system knows that mostly fraud transactions
without PIN authentication are goes like this: at first small buys
like gas or fast-food to check if dump works and then
right after it goes an electronic purchase like phone,laptop and etc. It looks suspect to bank
so they will probably decline transaction or ask you for a call to confirm your order.
What to do? Well it's better to check dumps by making a purchase for $50-100 and if transaction is
decline just say to cashier that you forgot your balance on card and gotta go check it at ATM.
Remember that fast-food, gas, any automated vending machines are dumps killer,
because even if it shows approval, bank security system have red alert on your card's activity.

Credits are better than Debits? Don't think so,
often credit card mostly problem, because holder may have debts
on his credit account or bad credit history.
Also at the end of month credit cards have less % approval transaction
because of small limit on card and debit holders have always same limit during all year.
What to do? Better to get mix both debit and credit to get better chances for good results.

Debit cards have better limit per one transaction.
But the main problem here is that we don't know if holder has any amount of money on his card.

Dumps level. You buy high level dumps like signature, world, businessand then for example
after trying to check card for valid buy fast-food you get decline. Why?
Well probably its holder prefers some fancy restaurants.
Trying it for low cost electronics and get decline again?
I bet its holder prefers top rated stuff and never buy things like this,
so it automatically makes it a suspect transaction.

Main problem of declined transaction - chip and pin verification.
If holder have chip and doing magnetic swipe transaction you'll get a limit on it.

For bank it is easier to decline suspect transaction
than to make it work and to pay compensation to holder after.
Bank may decline any transaction even if holder have millions on his account.

When you try to buy anything from Big companies, you'll have less success,
than from small private ones. Big ones have more money and better protection
against fraud transactions, they have monthly statistics all over USA and they know how to stay safe.

For example high limit card signature card declined for iphone
and worked for $2000 for famous brand clothing shop.

On USA POS terminal 80% transactions require track1 on your magnetic stripe.
If it's track2 only, POS decline it after reading. You always need to write
track1 + track2 on your magnetic stripe. Don't need to have original track1,
you can easily generate it from track2, small tutorial how to do it here

Each bank have it's own limits per one transaction, also it's different for
each bin from same bank, because of different fraud activity statistic on it.

Each POS terminal or corporation where you buy stuff
has it's own limit for 101 code transactions.
Your bank may have limit $300 per transaction,
but at POS limit is $100 - it means you won't hit higher than $100.

The best limits at POS on 101 code magnetic stripe transactions are at place where cashier(merchant)
checking your fake ID, because bank and shop owner are sure in you and your payment.
All automated POS terminals without cashier(merchant) ALWAYS have small limit, dont try to hit there high without PIN



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