How to earn money infecting PCs - Real Method

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May 15, 2016
Well, I'm going to teach you how to make money using a rat, a little patience and ingenuity.
I'll try to make it as noob as friendly as possible even if it costs me.

The first thing we need is a rat (remote management tool) A rat is a tool that allows us to connect and have control of a remote device, we will be able to see his desktop, his passwords and many other things, including earning money as I teach here.
There are many rats turning on the internet but here I leave my recommendations for this tutorial, you can use the one you like but I recommend these as they have the functions that we will need.
These rats are clean, if they unload them from the other side they may be infected, beware of that.
The antivirus can detect them because they are hack tools.

SpyNet: Password: TIPOTUFF
DarkComet: Password: TIPOTUFF
Inmminent Monitor: Password: TIPOTUFF

For this method I recommend using Dark Comet, the rat more simple and stable at the same time, although old is very effective.

Once we have the rat we open it and configure it.
If you do not know how to search YouTube a tutorial, remember not download it from YT videos because they will be infected, use only the tutorial for configuration.

Remember the following:
. Open the port you use on the router.
. Allow port entry in the firewall and then disable it.
. Use non-IP.

At the time of creating the server (the file that we use to infect) marks only the persistence options, avoids marking the options to disable antivirus because they are outdated and only damage the encryption.

I do not explain much the configuration of the rat and the server because there are thousands of tutorials and just look a little.

Once we have the rat configured and the file to infect created we will create a blog, we can do it on ******** or any similar platform.
The blog has to be real enough to pass a mini check.

Some ideas are:
News of Sports
News of Technology (phones etc)
News of Twitter, YT, etc

Once we have the blog, make sure to post about 5 entries at least, go to, register and register your blog to receive publicity.
Once popads check your blog will give you a code that you will put on your blog and already have published so you generate money.

Then we have to infect people with the rat, some quick ways are:
Forums for games eg Minecraft, lol.
Forums Hacking (fake hacks, eg: PayPal money hack)
groups Skype, Facebook.
Acquaintances of games etc.

When we have about 5 PCs infected we can start, select all infected in the rat and select the option of Visit URL, put the URL of our blog, this we will do as many times as possible, we will burst the infected PC with our page with advertising, with 5 PCs infected, in an hour are $5 and can do all the times you want.

If u REP+ soon more methods to make money with rats and botnets.


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Jul 25, 2017
they are easily detectable by virus, Do u have any Crypter Fud, ? or Netwire Rat software,
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