» How to check scampages /Lettres if Backdoored or not ! Don't be a victime !

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May 15, 2016
Lots of carders want to spam and after they get all spam tools and everything is ready ..... they don't get results 0 results
that's because they use Backdoored spam tools ! so Don't be a victime
Today i will show you 3 ways to scan scampages and lettres to know if it's clean or not

we will search for enrypted emails , those tools works against all types of sripts.....shell/cpanelsript/lettre/scampges/mailers....

Let's start :

1- UnPHP - The Online PHP Decoder:

Click : Here

2-Decode Fopo v1.2 :

Link : http://lombokcyber.com/en/detools/decode-fopo

3-Decode from Base64 format
the code looks like :

For example the code looks like :

Link : Here

past this code in the site and decode it : RXZpbCBib3kgd2FzIGhlcmU6IEFUTiA=

************************************************** ***************
How to use ?

1-when you download a tool , you must check all folders and use those 3 sites , if you don't want to do that ,you will never receive 1 result lol
2-Always scan all files , even those file in the scampages like : global...<
3-this will take u few time to check , but you will get clean tools

that's all for today

Now Use those tools in this section to practice

see ya
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