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Sep 14, 2017
How to card Office Depot easily.

Remember to pay attention to details and know that every detail matters. Let's get started

Step 1, There is an art to carding office depot successfully and every detail matters so pay attention. As usual we start with the little things. For this to work easily you need to make sure your drop address is a business address. I repeat your drop address (where you want your items shipped) should be a business address not residential. This is really important. So your start by getting a drop address that is a business address not residential.

Step 2, buy a domain name for $10 from namecheap, buy the shared hosting package. This lets you host around 10 websites for a really cheap amount. Having a website adds some legitimacy to your orders because they often check the website your domain email is from. Example if your signup email on office depot is they'd visit and check it out. Most times they don't but just incase.

Step 3, Upload wordpress on your domain and add woocommerce then add 10-20 products depending on the website name. Or you can clone a legitimate shop. Example is a legit website you can create a domain then clone the original site.

Step 4, After you're done with website and domain email and drop, you move to buying a cc. As always, buy a cc from any of your reliable cc vendors or auto shops. message me on wickr (batosila) for a list of good bins. Always buy world or business ccs from citibank or chase they do mad numbers. Call the bank toll free number and check cc number with zip code, calling the bank toll free number to check cc balance also shows the cc is live and it has the correct billing address because it has passed the Address verification System that stores use too.

Step 5. If you're in the same city as the cc owner you bought, then you better off carding off a burner phone. Just use any cheap android phone and throw in a sim and this saves you from the risk of using an rdp or socks with a high risk score.

If you're not from the city of cc holder, then visit xdedic or uas to buy a good residential rdp or use socks5 from luxsocks. when buying a socks5 or rdp, always make sure they risk and proxy score are 0.0 each.

Step 6, download dingtone or burner app or google voice. You'll need a new number to call them with.

Step 7, If you're using mozilla, configure your mozilla from about:config and change peer.enabled to false this is to prevent webrtc leaks.

Step 8, go to and make sure you get 100, set your timezone and clock to the city of the cc holder, all these tiny details are important.

Step 9, then go to office depot website and signup with the domain email from the website you created. If the cc you bought has a name of Stealing reddit. You should create an email from cpanel and named then sign up on officedepot with it.

Step 10, add items to card, if you have a world or business card and you have checked the balance on the cc and it has enough available balance then you can go as high as $3k or more. Use the cc holder address as billing address and use your drop as shipping.

Step 11, checkout and make sure to use the number from the dingtone or google voice or text free on your order.

Step 12, don't wait to be called by them. Call immediately and say you want to confirm your order, they will ask you to confirm your address then also tell them before they ask that you are shipping the item to your business address and you wanted to just call and confirm to them you're the one making the purchase. They will look up the shipping address and as long as it is a business and not a residential address they will ship it. You have to sound convincing. Only time this method didn't work for me was when I used a residential address for shipping, the guy looked it up and told me this isn't a business address then he unknowingly gave me the key to beat them.

Remember you can apply this on other websites as well, I only talked about Office Depot because that’s where I have tried this method. Be smart and innovative and remember the best methods are found through research, trial and errors.

That's all you need. The startup capital needed in this is from $50 to $80 which is all what you will spend on ccs and all but the returns are solid. Remember you need money to make money. I once used $1000 to setup a stripe account, website creation, fullz, cc , rdps etc. It was worth it cos I made a good 5 figures from that setup.​
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