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May 27, 2016
The First Step

You need an AliExpress Silver or VIP account with some feedback score. Then when you ask, "How can I get it?" I will give you an answer like this:
Searching around on Belgium, UK, or AU email=pass. How can you get it? Use your mind. You can use havij to do a SQL Injection on some sites. Don't ask me for the account.

The Second Step

After you got an account and the email access, you can change the Ali account email address, then you're good to go to... Find a good cvv.
"Hey what bin did you use for Ali?" I will answer, I never use a specific bin, I always use any bins but with specific country.
Yes, don't ever think to use US cvv on Ali. Use International CC. Europe, Asia, AU. But I think, AU is the best. I use Venezuela cvv once time.
"Hey, where did you get the cvv?" Answer: Use your mind,

The Third Step

Just after you got the account and change the email, thats mean you're the Ali account holder now. Got the Inter-Cvv yet? Ok, good. Find a stuff to card. Got it? What stuff? Galaxy S3?! Thats ok, make sure you're cvv is good enough. So order it, when Ali direct you to the shipping page, you must choose add new address. You can use your home address, or your drop address.
"What? I can ship it directly to my country?!" Answer: Yes, you can. Fuck off, Ali never ask for Billing Address of the cvv.
And then, checkout page! Aha! Put your cvv, Guys! So click pay, if your cvv declined, thats mean your cvv is not good enough. "What if Ali accepted the cvv?"
Answer: You must wait for 24 hours for payment verification, but before that check your email an hour after you placed the order, if there's nothing new from Ali, you're good... To wait for 24 hours.

"Hey, I have a question"

Ok, what? Do you need socks? Do you need RDP?
Yes, but you can freely choose your RDP or Socks location.
For example, I use an UK AliExpress account with AU cvv and ship my order to my country (Indonesia) and use US RDP. Sounds funny huh? Yeah, funny..

Is that funny enough for you?

So guys, Happy Carding! It's not a detailed method I know. But, I share what I know.
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