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Nov 26, 2017

First of all, Don't skip because it's too much to read. Please go ahead and read it. It might be helpful for me and you both.

I must say this, I'm new to this Carding business.
Here is my story, I work in a sales company for US. I weekly get around 10-15 sales done while the customers
give me their CC numbers and CVVs to purchase. I would have the customers details like Name, Email, Phone, Street Address or PO BOX, City, State.
I believe this is something referred as LVL 1 Credit Card Information or something like that of sort.

Two weeks back, I used a customers information to make a purchase and it succeeded without 3d verification(I didn't know what this was at that point of time) and I was so excited when it did and I tried and it kept denying. I was happy that I got what I needed(it was a E-delivery).

Since past week, I have collected around ~10 CC details with full details as mentioned above(LVL 1).
So I decided to start off the same thing. I bought a VPN, Connected to the US Server(which was available) but that state wasn't as same as the billing address of any of the CC.

I did have Texas State in one of the CC but the city was different. I tried a lot and a lot. Payment was processing but it would take me to the 3-D verification tab where I would have to enter the OTP sent to the registered mobile of the CC holder( which was impossible, atleast for me to hack it or whatever).

I believe these CC numbers are VBN or MSC and that's why I would have to connect to the specify city and state in order to successfully make the purchase?

So, Here I am. Clueless. With bunch of CC numbers and billing address. Think anybody can help me out?

And, If your help works for me. I will personally give you atleast 3-4 CC numbers every week.

Thank you
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