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May 15, 2017
Hayat is a auditing & hardening script for Google Cloud Platform services such as:
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Networking
  • Virtual Machines
  • Storage
  • Cloud SQL Instances
  • Kubernetes Clusters
Identity & Access Management
  • Ensure that corporate login credentials are used instead of Gmail accounts.
  • Ensure that there are only GCP-managed service account keys for each service account.
  • Ensure that ServiceAccount has no Admin privileges.
  • Ensure that IAM users are not assigned Service Account User role at project level.

  • Ensure the default network does not exist in a project.
  • Ensure legacy networks does not exists for a project.
  • Ensure that DNSSEC is enabled for Cloud DNS.
  • Ensure that RSASHA1 is not used for key-signing key in Cloud DNS DNSSEC.
  • Ensure that RSASHA1 is not used for zone-signing key in Cloud DNS DNSSEC.
  • Ensure that RDP access is restricted from the Internet.
  • Ensure Private Google Access is enabled for all subnetwork in VPC Network.
  • Ensure VPC Flow logs is enabled for every subnet in VPC Network.

Virtual Machines
  • Ensure that instances are not configured to use the default service account with full access to all Cloud APIs.
  • Ensure "Block Project-wide SSH keys" enabled for VM instances.
  • Ensure oslogin is enabled for a Project.
  • Ensure 'Enable connecting to serial ports' is not enabled for VM Instance.
  • Ensure that IP forwarding is not enabled on Instances.

  • Ensure that Cloud Storage bucket is not anonymously or publicly accessible.
  • Ensure that logging is enabled for Cloud storage bucket.

Cloud SQL Database Services
  • Ensure that Cloud SQL database instance requires all incoming connections to use SSL.
  • Ensure that Cloud SQL database Instances are not open to the world.
  • Ensure that MySql database instance does not allow anyone to connect with administrative privileges.
  • Ensure that MySQL Database Instance does not allows root login from any host.

Kubernetes Engine
  • Ensure Stackdriver Logging is set to Enabled on Kubernetes Engine Clusters.
  • Ensure Stackdriver Monitoring is set to Enabled on Kubernetes Engine Clusters.
  • Ensure Legacy Authorization is set to Disabled on Kubernetes Engine Clusters.
  • Ensure Master authorized networks is set to Enabled on Kubernetes Engine Clusters.
  • Ensure Kubernetes Clusters are configured with Labels.
  • Ensure Kubernetes web UI / Dashboard is disabled.
  • Ensure Automatic node repair is enabled for Kubernetes Clusters.
  • Ensure Automatic node upgrades is enabled on Kubernetes Engine Clusters nodes.


Hayat has been written in bash script using gcloud and it's compatible with Linux and OSX.

Download Hayat
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