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Dec 18, 2016
In the article I will share with you my practices, scripts and I will help you to earn fast money!
Here I will tell you only about production of akk of bank for the gulf, and there looking what imagination at you if it is not pleasant to you gulfs, you can get ss+vbv, paypal, amazon like, etc.

Many know that very few people will sell you an account for the gulf even if at the person of their dokher anybody will not give you the note rumpled $100.
That to get them people lift botnt, and there already AZ, etc.
Yes, same of course it is good, well to do young which have no money on a boat, etc.? We need SPAM! Any almost expenses it is not necessary to do, dollars 50 it is necessary for the beginning.

I advise also not to cheap out and buy to myself normal FTP for mailing or to ask at friends with boats.

It is necessary for us:
1) Dedik
2) AMS + good smtp (At the end of article I will throw off couple of thousands, it is necessary to cut them) or Shell+skript (At the end of article I will lay out a mailer)
3) A fake (I will lay out only couple of fakes)
4) The letter (Also I will lay out)
5) Mylniki (email), Antichat to you in the help!

I advise you will decide on mail which we will send spam.
We need the maximum INBOX!
In my opinion the best option, is aol.com. Why? Why aol, but not yahoo, gmail, hotmail

All very simply my dear friends.
Gmail - Very strict also cuts the majority of words
Yahoo - In general the idiot, in inbox, in spam (Time every other time)
Hotmail - With it in general everything is bad, sometimes to spam fly even the Original of the letter.

And now I will tell you than AOL is fine
Cuts very few words (

But everything depends on SMTP and on the site (shell, ftp)
There is SMTP, allow any firm, allow 500 thousand can. will fly in inbox, and maybe 0 to fly in inbox
With the sites, I advise to take shops as they have a mailing for clients.
If to you not that and not that, but you good drove in, I would advise you to skardit Khosta, such as bluehost, justhost and similar. It is desirable to take already with mailing that then in settings not to connect.

There we go!

We stocked up with mylnik, now we should check shell, ftp for mailing and that the letter at us flied to inbox

We come on shell and we fill in our Meyler (Script)

Now ladies and gentlemen it is passed in mailer

We insert mylnik and at the end we will specify our 3 identical email, it to check our letters in inbox reach.
I advise also to send on 100-300 letters not to ruin at once the site, and it simply will not manage to send that to all and will not send at all.
2) Here we specify the text of the letter in html or drawing with a click. (Letters I will lay out at the end of article)
3) We put the speed of sending (Normal)
4) From whom
5) From whom (email), words such as @security.com, etc. cuts
6) To whom to send Otvetka, it is possible to write that that like it no-reply@ to deceive the victim
7) Letter subject
It is simple 8) Plain the text and if we want the beautiful letter, HTML is necessary to us
9) Send!

- Yes
It's cool!

Let's pass to a fake now
At once I speak, I do not advise a carditis the domain, it can cause suspicion and long he will not live, at most 1 day.
Still depends on a hosting if you do not awake to do the wellsfargo-security.com domain, etc., and will make wiser that that like this ebankonline.info, to you will carry and you at once will not ban, only at most that can be will report about spam and such picture will get out here next day

Then you should change Directories the name to get rid of this opposite picture.

P. S. It is about usual a hosting if we want a burden, and a money it is necessary to us normal and not dirty!

We will fill in through shell

For a start we will prepare scam page (fake)

We do everything as on the picture, it is similar with other fakes

1) We open .txt and we change email (I advise to use gmail.com, so it will long live. aol.com will at once block email)
2) We replace

It's cool! The fake is ready, now we should prepare shell (site)

We create many Deere that the victim sent us data, it is necessary to do shooting galleries (session, update, security, etc.)

Here that at us should it will turn out

Now we should fill in a fake on shell, for this purpose we should make it by zip, then we go on our shell and we make such actions

Here that at us it will turn out!

We can also fill in a fake through FTP
For this purpose we use FileZilla, it is possible to download on off. site filezilla.ru

It seems, here everything, we pass to the letter now!

We insert our exile of a fake to the letter that at the Clique on an inscription it did a redirect on our fake!


In fight!

The result will not keep you waiting long!
It was necessary to sell for percent now like or most to make the gulf!

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