Hacking & Phreaking Terms

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May 15, 2017
TS - The author of a particular topic (Just as I am the author of this topic).

Offline / Online - Types of work with the scheme.

Online - sitting at home (work on the Internet).

Offline - in real life (Assumes physical movement, dialogue, etc.).

Cardboard - Cards (Credit, debit, not important).

Plastic - The same cardboard, only material (Real plastic card).

Dedik / Ded / Vps - Server (Computer, hardware, call it what you want), which is somewhere far away from you, and which you can access (Simply put go to the computer (Dedik) via the computer (Your)).

Virtual / VM / Virtual Box / VMachine / VM Box- The created image of the operating system, more simply a virtual computer in the computer.

Seo / Buxes / SeO - Sites that pay for performing various types of tasks (Downloads, reviews, likes, registration)

RMS - A remote access virus that turns a computer on which this virus was launched into a kind of server that only who spread the virus.

Miner - A program that extracts cryptocurrency by solving complex mathematical problems.

Stiller - Program / Virus, which, when launched, sends certain files from the computer on which it was launched to the computer / Email / Somewhere else of the distributor of this program.

FD- Filelobmennik - Site on which you can download the file, and someone can download it.

"Crypt" file - Make it invisible to the antivirus.

"Splice" file - merge one file with another.

Boards - Sites such as Yul, Avito, etc.

Proxy / Proxy - A computer through which the process of changing ip can be carried out (This is in brief, do not get kicked).

VPN - A cryptographic tunnel between your PCs and VPN service servers, Encrypting outgoing and incoming traffic.

Cashout - cash out of the card, by withdrawing from an ATM.

Drop - A person doing some work (often black) for a fee.

Parser- A program that selects something, according to some criteria.

Brutus - Attempting to find a password by iterating through options.

CopyPaste - Copied theme.

SI - Social Engineering.

Mammoth - Sacrifice / Loch.

Dialer - Cheap phone.

Telega - Telegram, an anonymous messenger.

Cookies / Cookies - Encrypted data (login, password) stored in the browser (In browser folders).

Dump - Copy site / database (Total).

DB - Database.

Domain - Site Address.

Hosting- The service of providing space for the physical placement of information on the server / Providing Internet connection.

Logs / Log - Recorded actions.

Hyde - Limit View.

Workers - Computers on which the miner works.

Turnip - Reputation.

Arbitrage - the solution of controversial issues.

Arbitrage (Or Arbit) Traffic - Paid visits to the site by people.

Traffic - Links Navigation / Downloads / Any activity of users on some of your resources.

Carding - A type of fraud related to card transactions.

VT / VT - Virus Total - A site for checking specific files for infection (Virus).

CC - Credit Cards.

Nal - Cash / Cash.

Waffle - WiFi.

Phishing - a copy of the site, to steal the login and password of the victim (a copy of the VC for example)

Pass / Pass - Password.

Profit - Profit, benefit.

RAT - Remote Management Tool.

Punching - Collecting information about a person by checking any data.

Cranes - Distribution of cryptocurrency for completing tasks.

Plugs - The ability to bet on any outcome of a particular contest in two different BCs.

Garant - The one who provides the execution of something.
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