Hackers Find A Way To Hack Any Apple Laptop With Lightning Cable

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May 15, 2016
The “hacker" cable is no different from the usual one.

At the DEF CON 27 conference in Las Vegas, security researcher under the nickname MG showed a new method that allows hacking any Apple computer.

To do this, he developed a special "hacking" cable Lightning, which does not look different from the official one and performs all the necessary functions, including data transfer and charging.
The so-called O.MG Cables received an additional chip that cybercriminals can activate remotely and connect to the Mac to run commands and scripts on it. A tool is also provided that will “kill” the USB implant to get rid of evidence.
At the moment, development requires an attacker to be at a distance of no more than 90 meters to activate the cable. Now MG offers such cables for $ 200. He is going to produce them as a legitimate security tool.
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