Hacker hacked job search service and "fired" the head of Google

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May 15, 2016
It turned out funny


Dutch specialist in the field of computer security Michel Reinders discovered an interesting bug in the social network for finding LinkedIn work contacts. Due to vulnerability, he was able without the authority given to him to publish vacancies on behalf of any company.

After he published such vacancies, they were displayed on the “work” page along with other, but already official offers from the company itself. For the sake of fun, the programmer decided to conduct an experiment: he posted a job as a director in two huge corporations - Google and LinkedIn.

* ”Dear LinkedIn representatives, please note that any user who has paid the minimum amount can post vacancies on LinkedIn. It's simple - you just need to fill in a few details on behalf of the employer. The problem is that it is possible to publish vacancies in any company. For example, I can post an open position on LinkedIn, ”the researcher wrote in his address to the company.
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