Hacker Accused Ex-kaspersky Employee Of Forced Hacking

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May 15, 2016

The hacker Dmitry Popelysh, who is in the special unit of the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention center, who, together with his twin brother Eugene, accused the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of stealing money from the accounts of Sberbank and VTB, sent a complaint to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin about misrepresenting the criminal case materials to illegally convict him and brother. This Dmitry Popelysh said during a court hearing on September 5, which was attended by a RBC correspondent.

Popelysh claims that the evidence in his case was fabricated, and that Ruslan Stoyanov, the former head of the Kaspersky Lab’s computer incident investigation department, forced him to break into it. The latter participated in a technical examination in criminal cases against the Popelysh brothers, but a few years later he was convicted of high treason.

According to Dmitry Popelysh, which he voiced in court, Ruslan Stoyanov tried to force him to "steal from the accounts by means of blackmail and threats <...> under his leadership." But the hacker, despite the pressure, refused, for which, according to him, Stoyanov promised to take revenge. “Stoyanov was personally present at my detention in May 2015 and said that he was always faithful to his words and that I would now be in prison,” Dmitry Popelysh said in court.

The fact that an unnamed Kaspersky Lab employee who participated in the investigation of his first criminal case tried to force Popelysh to hack into bank accounts follows from the protocol of confession; The document was drawn up in 2015, a few months after the brothers were arrested (available to RBC). But, according to Popelysh, this information was not verified by the investigation.

A representative of Kaspersky Lab told the publication that the company is not aware of Dmitry Popelysh’s appeal to the Investigative Committee. “Our employees provided technical assistance in the implementation of some investigative actions in both cases of the Popelysh brothers. Evidence, that is, technical data obtained with the assistance of our employees, is not the only one in business. We cannot assess the sufficiency of evidence, this is the prerogative of the court, ”said a company representative.
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