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Oct 28, 2016
Generated dumps. Let's get start. I assume now that if u are reading this thread you are an adult with no mental problems and you will use this information as educational purpose.

A bank card has maximum 3 tracks but usual at POS only 1 of this 3 tracks is read and that is track1 or track 2.For encode a bank dump on a magnetic stripe care are used pvc cards with black magnetic stripe because they are hard to erase.
Track 1 is written in odd parity and is the only track of a dump which contain alphabets so only in this track the card holder name may appear.Track 1 format is
-format code =B ,mean that is a bank card (in formula B)
-primary account number or PAN= which is the number embossed on the card (in formulaPAN)
-field separator =usual ^ (in formula ^)
-card holder name=between 2 and 20 alphabets (in formula name/last name)
-field separator=usual ^ (in formula ^)
-expiration date of card=in format YYMM year aand month (in formula YYMM)
-service code=three digits which can be replaced with their meaning and know where and for which kind of . transaction can be the card used (in formula 101)
-discretionary data=which can be Pin Verification Key Indicator (1 digit),Pin Verification Value (4 digits) or . Card Verification Value or the well known CVV (in formulaCVV)
All the number and alphabets i written up with red color i will use to make track 1 formula
B PAN^NAME/LAST NAME^YYMM 101 CVV. Some 0's can be added too

Track 1 may have a start sentinel before the format code ,usual symbol % and after the discretionary data
an end sentinel,usual symbol ?
Between Service code and discretionary data can be one or more " 0".Also after discretionary data one or more "0" ("0"-digit zero).

Track2 is written with 5 bit scheme,4 bit and 1 parity and may contain the numbers between 0 and 9 and one of this symbols < > ; : = or ?
Track 2 format is
-PAN =primary account number which usual match the card number embossed on the card (PAN)
-separator which is usual symbol = (in formula =)
-expiration date= in format YYMM (in formula YYMM)
-service code =same as track 1 (in formula 101)
-discretionary data =same like track 1.(in formula CVV)
Note that also track 2 may contain one ore more "0" after service code and before discretionary data BUT the number of 0's may be different!
All the number up written with red color i will use to make a formula for track2
PAN=YYMM101CVV (some 0 use to be added too)

Track 3 is not used by Visa and some other major bank network but some other bank card issuers use it.Any case it is not read with POS

About the generated dumps are not too many things to say. They are used but not always work.You must know that some dumps vendors mix the skimmed dumps with generated one because many n00bs carders don't know about the generated dumps.So in this case vendor can just say that the generated dumps are regional locked.The vendor can say that the dump is alive and regional locked because if you will check the generated dumps on checker they will appear available to be cashed!
To understand how this is possible let's take a cvv and generate a track 2 of a dump from it following the track 2 format written up

This is an example of so called cvv that you can find to buy from vendors
4862362667787439 | 693 | 07/12 | samuel thomas | 10566 parkington lane |
highlands ranch | Colorado | United States | 80126 | 7203140318 |
4862362667787439 is the 16 digit Credit Card Number
693 is CVV
07/12 is Expire Date
Samuel Thomas is the name on card
10566 Parkington lane is the address
Highlands Ranch is the city
Colorado is the state
United States is the country
80126 is the Zip
Now let's look up and follow step by step the format of track 1
Some banks add 10 of 0's between Service code 101 and the discretionary code which in this case is the CVV 693.And so from a cvv I've generated a dump which may be valid but not always!
You actually can check the dumps you are buying and if they have on tracks just 3 digit number different then 0 after the service code they may be generated dumps!
Directly can be generate track 2 as well.Here is the example
I just added some 0's before and after the CVV,as in many valid dumps are.Some bank use to add 10 of 0's before CVV and 6 of 0's after CVV.
I don't advice you to generate dumps but you still can observe the tracks of the dumps that you buy and if they will have as discretionary code 3 digits you know that that is the CVV.If the dump will be good to cash out then you may save the BIN.Once you buy many dumps form the same BIN and they have discretionary code the CVV but you still could cash them out you may try to generate some dumps using CVV from the same BIN.
If you will buy from a vendor 10 dumps.
5 of them will have on their tracks 4 digits at the discretionary code and their will be good to cash out ,5 of them will have at discretionary code only 3 digits (the CVV) and all of them will decline when you try them in store then it is possible that your vendor sold you 5 skimmed dumps and 5 generated.

I advice you to ask you vendor when you put the order which checker he use for the dumps.
If he use a checker that verify full tracks then is ok and what ever the checker result will be is correct! If checker will say that the dump can be cash out but in store will came "declined!" then mean that dump is regional locked.
But if the vendor use a checker that verify the card number and expiration date only so that checker won't give a fair result!The result that checker give will be valid for CVV only but not mean that the if the dump will be written on a plastic it will be good to use for shopping in store!
I admit that this information may look difficult to understand but is not.Just take sample of dumps and identify the parts of tracks.Write some formulas for track1 and track2 and follow them to generate dumps!Once you will practice a little bit you will understand very well everything!
Remember that if many times dumps that had discretionary code only 3 digit declined when you try to cash it on store I is possible that the dump was generated not skimmed.
Be safe and goodluck.
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