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Sep 14, 2017
❗️First of All What is G2A.com ?

G2A is digital gaming marketplace, where you can buy / sell gaming items / keys / etc

✔️Lets go to the point:

1. Prepare valid cards, find some non vbv bins cards from these country Iceland, Turkey, Japan, Peru or using some usa & canada that can make password like this bins 415747 , etc [if u use VBV , then ready with all bank detail of the card]

2. Make new fresh email with card infos in hushmail.com

3. Prepare & Running VPN, recomended premium vpn many option country available

4. Find Clean Socks5 same as cards country

5. Set time computer/phone same as cards country time

6. Using Mozilla, put socks5 on it

7. Go to webs, Make Account with created mail.

8. on newly created account set fake phone number that can't be dialed ( this is important!)

9. After registering wait about 1-2 hours

10. Then make 1 order with under <$100 value,
go to Cart Checkout Choose Payment Choose Skrill

⛔️ when payment window opens don't write any cc data, just close it⛔️

11. now click on My Account —> Dashboard —> Brought items and click on waiting payment button. Now new window will open that will require cc info. type it there and click pay

12. After that is done game key will be sent you on provided email ( when you registered)
keep supporting ❤️❤️
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