Full Tutorial For NOOBS SPAMING Paypal !!!!

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May 15, 2016
first you have to need this:

1. Mailist ( you get your own like dump, sqli etc what ever you like )
2. Cpanel
3. Scampage Paypal
4. Letter Paypal
5. Mailer

that you need first. now i will explain every number
1. Mailist
i usually use sqli dumper, you have to play the name of dork why? in this time if you want to get mailist fresh you must play your brain to build a dork fresh!

2. Cpanel
ok next, you get your mailist now you must have cpanel to upload your scampage. oh i forgot in this time your cpanel active with domain. you can find it on Freenom[.]com

3.Scampage Paypal
now time you must upload your scampage script. i suggest to pay scampage script why? because if you download any website in folder scampage many log or backdoor

4. Letter
now you find or create your own letter, if letter undetect phising its great!

5. Mailer
after number 1, 2, 3, 4. its finishing time! but you must have php mailer in good server

that time i think this very important you need! if you don't have mailer you have to have smtp server to send mass mailist!

oke thanks this little tutorial!

if you have question come one we share together!
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