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Dec 18, 2016
1. Go to google and type in ElasticHosts and go to the first one.

2. Click “Free cloud server trial (UK or US) in the upper-right hand corner
3. Fill out the Name, Email, Cellphone (will go indepth later) and your server.
If you are from the US click San Antonio Peer 1, otherwise click either of the
UK ones.

4. Where it says “Where did you hear about us?” click any option you would

5. Check “I agree to the Terms of Service”
(Reason for cell phone number: They send you one half of your password to
your email, and the other half of your password will be sent via Text
Message. You will not be charged for this except for standard text
messaging data rates etc.)

6. Once you have finished everything, press submit. It will say “Your password
has bee sent to your registered e-mail address” check your email and in the
email it will show you the first 4 letters of your password, copy it/write it

7. Now check your phone, and you should receive a text with the last 4 digits.
Don’t worry, this won’t cost you anything monthly or anything like that.8. Now you can login to your account. (e.g. Username: iNytrix – Password:

8. hLb6JbR (8hLb being the first 4 letters/numbers from email, and 6JbR
being the end of password sent in the text message)

9. Once you login, hover over “My Account” and hit “Profile” now scroll to the
bottom, and enter your old password, then a new password of your choice,
and hit submit. (change)

10. Once you do that, hover “My Account” and hit Control Panel.
11. You will see a “Server Demo” to the left, with a icon of a computer. (rather
a picture) what you will do is hit delete, and okay. If you don’t see Server
Demo, don’t worry about it.

12. To the right, you will see “Add server or drive”, underneath it check

13. Now fill out all the options, Name: InsertNameHere, Type: “Self-install
from CD”, CD: CentOS Linux 5.5 Install CD, Size: 14 GB NOTHING HIGHER.

14. Now click “Add”
15. On the left you will see your new server, you want to click “Edit” under
“Server [name] (powered off)” Once you click edit, leave everything as is
and god down to “VNC Password:” Now you are going to want to change
that password to the password you used earlier, and hit “Configure”

16. Now go back to “Control Panel” and hit “Start”
17. Once you see your IP address (of the VPS) and your VNC password, you will
need to download a VNC Client. If you use windows, download: TightVNC
and if you have a Mac, download: Chicken of the VNC.18. Once your VNC is installed, open it. For Host: (or IP, etc.) Copy the IP
address that your got earlier from your ElasticHosts Control Panel.

19. Now enter the password it gave you for VNC, and hit “Connect”
20. Once you are connected it will say “CD Found” Click on the VNC screen, hit
the Right-Arrow key, and hit ENTER.

21. Now once it loads, it will say “Cent-OS”, hit “Next”, choose your language,
then hit “Next”, then find your keyboard language, hit “Next”, and finally
there will be a warning. Hit “Yes”

22. Now when you are on the next page hit “Next”, then “Yes”, then “Next”,
then “Next”, now enter your Password from before, and type it in both
boxes, then hit “Next”

23. Once you do that, when you see the next page hit “Next” and wait for it to

24. When it is done loading, hit “Next” and wait for it to install. It will usually
take around 30 minutes, so while you wait go hack, watch porn, whatever
you like to do.

25. After it is installed, you will see a “Reboot” button. Of course, click it.
26. Once you are finished rebooting, hit “Forward”, then fore “Firewall:” hit
“Disabled”, then “Yes”. Now on the next page hit “Forward”, then
“Forward”, then where it says “Create User” this is your login to the
system. (Kind of like windows login)

27. Just make up the username of choice and set the same password you used
in the beginning of this video (makes it easier)28. Once you do that, hit Forward, then Finish.

29. Now it will bring you to your login, type in the password and BAM. You
have now logged in to your 100% FREE vps.
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