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May 27, 2016
How To Cash Out from Credit Cards using game
Here i will show you how to make money withCredit Cards from EVERYWHERE!!!
Now before we continue, make sure you check your equipment:

•Online game
•Credit card

1. Online game– [Your Tool to Cash out]
At first you have to register on an online game site, like site where you can play poker or backgammon. It is only
important that you can play with real money.
For example online games like: http://www.pokerstars.com
You need 2 accounts. One of them must be your own, and the second have to be like the Credit card user. You can make
account in most online games for free.

2. Proxy:
After you are done with your accounts, join your Proxy. It will be nice if you use the same Proxy like your credit card comes
from. (e.g. German credit card, and German proxy).

3. Credit Card:
Now when you connect to the Proxy, join your faked account to play online. Then purchase Real money from the
hacked or stolen Credit card. Don’t use your own Credit Card, it wouldn’t have any effect.
How to Cashout
Join the game with your Accounts (your faked and your real) to play. You have to click on the “Play with Real Money”
Button. To play you need more then 2 players on the Table. You can make more accounts to sit with all your accounts
on the table, but i use to play with some friends which know what I’m doing. Then Play.

IMPORTANT: Your real account needs some real money too, 5-10$ is enough.
Then your friends have to give up the round, so that only you and your faked account is in, like 1 on 1. Now press the
“All-In” Button with your Faked Account, and with your Real Account too.
The effect: Your faked account will set all the money from the hacked/stolen Credit card, and your real account will set
5-10$. Then your faked account have to lose, like give up. Now you will take all the money and logout from the Game.
Press “Cashout” to cash out your Money to your real Credit card.

Thats it guys…
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