Features of Parrot Linux

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May 15, 2017
Key principles of the system:

  • Safe . Always up to date, frequently updated and completely isolated! Everything is under your complete control.
  • Free and free . The system is distributed freely, you can study its source code and make your own edits. This system is created with respect for your freedom and will always be like that.
  • Lightweight . The authors care about the consumption of resources, and the system is extremely light, works surprisingly quickly even with very old equipment or with very limited resources.
Also among the important features should be highlighted:

  • actual penetration testing tools
  • great for forensic examinations
  • modified linux kernel
  • MATE desktop with custom themes, wallpapers and icons
  • fast, lightweight system, even on older computers
  • AnonSurf functionality for anonymous access to the network (tor and i2p)
  • possibility of installation with encryption
  • everything you need for programming right out of the box
  • firejail + apparmor sandbox
Parrot does not provide root root access by default for security reasons (root can only be used with sudo ), and the system provides its own isolation system (sandbox) by combining Firejail and AppArmor with custom security profiles.

The system has its own application repository, including all the packages supported by Debian (more than 56000 packages available on more than four different architectures), plus many other applications and tools that Debian does not yet provide, all of them are available directly from the APT package manager .

Additionally Parrot supports SNAP, a new package distribution system that provides easy access to many other programs that GNU / Linux distributions do not always have software in their archives. On the list of snap programs can be found here .

Flatpak is a universal software repository like snap. It can be installed from the official Parrot repository.

Parrot supports Wine , a compatibility layer for running Windows applications in a Linux environment.
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