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May 27, 2016
What is Enrоll?

This is a way to manage the card via the Internet. Sberbank Online is an example of our enroll. You can perform various operations, check balances and watch expenses online.

What is needed and what are the advantages of enrolki?

For example, at enrolkki you can change the billing address. That is, quietly typing the map where we need) Since Magazy is much more willing to send billing and shipping to the same address (payment and where to deliver). Accordingly, we change the address to the drop address in Enrolka and in 2-3 business days it is already possible to make a purchase) When ordering, we specify the address of the drop both as billing and shipping. You can also invoice and pay it there, in your personal account. With the help of the enroll, you can verify the mini-deposits. This is a check when registering with some payment systems. From the balance of the card is withdrawn some one or two amounts determined. As a rule, from 1 to 3 bucks. Next you will need to enter the exact amount of money withdrawn. With the help of enrolki we will be able to look at this in history and introduce) In short, the cool thing.

Where to get Enrоll?

You can buy, but you can do it yourself. Pro buy everything is clear, but how to do it yourself?

Not all cards can be topped up. You need a certain bin (the first 6 digits of the card number). The easiest way to find it is to buy the first enrolk and remember the first six numbers, and then look for cards with the same ones. It also happens that you can find this info on the forums. After finding the required bins and purchasing a card of this bin, it is necessary to punch information on the holder, mainly SSN (social security number) and DOB (date of birth), it also happens that banks require another info (MMN (mother's maiden name), MDOB (date of birth mother) and others). See what kind of bank which requires information about the holder can be found on the bank's website. Next, we use the service to break through the information, which there are many in the thematic forums)

How to make an extension?

I will describe step by step. Received SS of the rolling bean, struck ssn and dоb, go to the bank site. We begin the registration procedure, enter the credit card number, expiration date, color year, ssn and ext, as well as zip (index).

Next, create a login and password for our personal account.

If, after creating a login and password, you are thrown into the creation of Security Questi- ins, then this is a primary enróll, if on any other page - reróll. These are types of enrolk, I will tell you more in detail.

If necessary, we create secret questions and confirm. Everything, enrolka is ready. Balance can be viewed in a graph like Balance or Available for Purchase.

Types of PriRary

Enroll - primary enrolka registration. That is, the holders scored on the creation of the card, they do not need it. The best option is because the probability to burn much less.

Re-game - this is when the holder has already made himself a personal account. And we need to change the password using the same information (ssn and dob). This kind of enroll worse. Since the holder can simply set fire to the fact that he can not go into the bank and raise the alarm.

That's all, friends, successful beats)
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