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May 27, 2016
There are two types of phishing attack :-

1.Normal Phishing.
2.Desktop Phishing.

The basic idea behind the phishing attack is to make victim fool by rediecting him to a website same as original site,while saving his password,

which he thinks is login in to his account and gets hacked.

Ok,so basics must be clear now LET'S START.

To Hack Any Email ID you have just follow the following simple steps,

1. Firstly , You have to create you website or to have a account on any Free webhosting service which have php enabled service.

[For most of the newbies,i would recommend you to register for a free webhosting service such or any free webhosting service
that comes with php enabled in it.But 110mb is best because of its user friendly service they provide]

2. After you have setup your account on any free webhosting service,you have to upload your phisher on to the the file directory of your site.

3. For that you have to make your own phishing page which is discused on
my another thread you can ask me and i will send you.

[Phisher page will be the login page same as of the Email service your victim is using for example :-Gmail,orkut,yahoomail, pay pal etc.
It will Look Just as same as you are asked to login to your Email acount,Thats where the victim gets tricked aka HACKED]

4. There will be another file needed also named as "login.php" .Which will give the condition to save the username and password typed by the user.

[NOTE:- I will not be providing the login.php to you,You have to get the login.php by yourself.
if you have some knowledge about the php language you can make your own login.php
For those who dont have knowledge about php language i recommend you search for login.php on Google,you will surely get that file.]

5. So,After you have created you phisher it is time to edit them,so as to make them save the username and password typed by the victim.

Here are the simple steps to edit the phisher :-

i. Open your phisher in a web browser,Right click in Somewhere in middle of the web browser and then click on View Source.

ii. A new windows will pop up,click on Edit>Search and type action in the search box,and then click on search.

iii. It will take you to the First action String, after the equals two mark type login.php in replace of the the text written after it.

iv. Click on Seach again,this time it will take you to another action string,after the equal to mark type in replace of the text written in front of the equals to mark.

NOTE: you have to type you your sites name in replace of your-site,and your free webhosting service against yourservice in
written over in step iv.

6. So, Now you have done the difficult part it is time for some HACKING.

NOTE: You have to upload all the files on your free webhosting service directory,including in index_files Folder in the directory.Or it wount work.
The Directory Will be :-

i. index.html
ii. index_files [Folder which you saved]
iii. login.php
iv. login.txt

7. Now you have to just send the victim to your phisher site

You can send him the message to visit your phisher for example :-

How is it going.
You know what, i visited a site yesterday it is a new look of [Victims Email Service].
just check out.
Its really good.

You can make your own message and send it to victim.

9. To view the saved password you have to just logon to your free webhisting service account and open login.txt to view the saved passwor
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