DHL Redirection


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May 27, 2016
New but sharing a method to card online using bill=ship=cc billing
However you have to use a cc that has a billing in the same city/region as you (DHL calls it Service Area)
1) Search for online site that uses DHL express delivery
2) Buy whatever stuff you want depending on your site
3) Choose express delivery with DHL shipping, choose same billing and shipping address and put the billing of the cc and checkout
4) 1 day after tracking received, go to (in this case its for canada, but the service is On Demand Delivery)
5) put your tracking information, same number and email that you used on your site, and select the option you want:
- redirect to your drop
- redirect it to a DHL express service point
6) you'll receive a confirmation
7) You've redirected the item to your drop successfully
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