Danger of short links

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May 15, 2016
The fact is that under abbreviated links phishing pages and other malicious sites are often hidden, and you can find out what is happening on the target resource only by clicking on the link. And as you know, this is not recommended.

If someone sent you such a link and if it seems suspicious to you, then a link decoder comes to the rescue .

There are various ways to decrypt such a link using online services (sites).

The principle of operation of the link decoder:

  • You have received a short link from a 'good' friend.
  • We copy it.
  • We go to the site (or run the program) link decoder.
  • Insert the link.
  • We get the real one.
Longurl Link Decoder

Let's start with the most sophisticated Longurl.info service . The

service can decipher a huge number of links.

Longurl has a rich functionality. In addition to the standard function, the creators of the service added a bunch of various tools. For Opera, Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer, working in the browser, there is a corresponding plugin. Also Longurl supports working with Greasemonkey scripts. In addition, the user can decrypt the link directly in the chat window of Windows Live and Google Talk.

It is possible to work with the API. It is also possible to work with the commands of the address bar. For example, if you want to speed up the process, you can simply enter http://longurl.info?url=short linkin the address bar. And get the result.

The CheckShortURL Link Decoder The

CheckShortURL is also a good online service for those who want to be aware of where their short link will be redirected to.

In fact, there are other services that provide an opportunity to find out where the link leads.

And after we get the real address. We analyze it and decide whether to follow this link. Such services, of course, do not protect against fake pages and online sniffers, but they can significantly reduce the risk.

If the link looks like this: www.rxduvbsgesw.depositer.com , then it is better not to go over it, this is in 99% of cases a fake page. In this example, sharpened by the well-known file exchange depositfiles.
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