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Sep 14, 2017
Current Working Paypal Guide


1. Paypal Middleman Account
**You will need either an ATO'd account or you can make your own Paypal account from fullz info. I prefer using ATO'd accounts as they already have some transaction history and are already a couple months/years old. With Paypal accounts made from fullz, the aging process takes a longer time, but the positive side is that you have full control of the account if you have to do a phone verification of some sort. If you need Paypal Middleman accounts, you can contact cloudteam or you can PM me and I can supply you with one**

2. Burner Phone
**I highly recommend using a burner phone when doing things with Paypal as it removes a lot of detrimental factors such as bad IP address, mismatching cookies/cache, etc. With a burner phone, as long as your Paypal middleman account is in the same state as where you are located then you should not have a problem with logging in to the account. When selecting a burner phone, use a popular mainstream carrier such as Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc. Don't use services like TracFone or whatnot as nobody uses those and if they do, then you need to reevaluate what you're doing with your life.**

3. Paypal Mobile App
**The bread and butter of this operation. Not only does it help with logging into the Paypal account, but it drastically increases the chances of being able to send funds out**

Overall, your initial investment for everything would be around $150-200. Around $50 for a middleman account, $90 for a burner phone (includes added minutes/data), and then a little left over for your aging method which I will mention below.



Before we can receive any transfers, we will have to prepare our middleman accounts. This process is also known as aging. We need to age our accounts with several clean transfers before we receive a dirty/semi-clean transfer. Why do we do this? Paypal bots are very strict when it comes to transfers being made, and any slight anomaly can trigger the bots to either hold your funds or limit your account. The aging process takes care of this by slowly integrating our account to "normal" status. Getting the Paypal account used to the new device, IP address, etc. all in an effort to make the account seem "normal" in the eyes of Paypal bots.

Now you may be asking yourselves, "How do I go about aging my account?" The answer to that is currency exchanges. Forums such as Bitcointalk, Reddit, etc. offer a platform for people to sell their crypto for other forms of payment methods, Paypal being a very popular choice. On these platforms, you can trade your crypto for Paypal for a 25-30% premium. So not only are you aging your Paypal account, but you are also making money at the same time! One important thing to note, you should always request that the funds be sent as Goods and Services. In this way, if you happen to receive a charge back, which in some cases you do because some buyers are scamming pieces of shit, you can just add a tracking number and have the funds released back to you under Seller Protection. Another method is using eBay. While I mainly stick with the currency exchange method, if you are into carding physical goods, then eBay can be another potential vector for selling your goods.

Now that we know what is aging and how to go about aging your account, we must talk about the concept of gradual progression. When receiving funds, you want to start off small. For your first transaction, you want to receive around $15-20. Wait 24-48 hours before trying to send the money out. What I do is use the Paypal funds to buy more crypto at a better rate than what I resell it for. If you happen to build good contacts, then this becomes a daily, automated motion. One thing to note is to always keep at least 10-15% of funds in your balance. So for example, if I receive $20 for my first transaction, then I will only send out $10 and have $10 left in my remaining balance. After you cash out the first receiving funds, then you want to gradually progress to $20-50. Then move on to $50-70. Then $100-200. Goal is to keep progressing until you can reach $300-500 range. As you move higher in your progression, you will need to increase the occurrence of how much you receive those high volume transfers. For example, you would want to receive at least 3 $100-200 transfers before moving higher to $300-500. This has worked for me in my personal experience and what I continue to do now. Overall, you want at least 15-20 transfers on your Paypal account in order to mitigate the risk of having your funds held when you do choose to receive a dirty transfer.



Now that you have successfully aged your Paypal account, it is time to order a dirty transfer.

**I would like to add in this tutorial/guide that I myself am looking to find a method to card my own transfers. There are people on other forums that supplement transfers with their own carded transfers, but I myself do not know how they do so. So if you are one of those people that do know how to card your own Paypal transfers, I would like to humbly ask you if you can reach out to me and perhaps teach me in the same manner as I have written this guide to teach the masses**

One method I stumbled across in carding transfers via CCs is just making a new Paypal account, adding a CC to the account, and then try sending funds to your middleman account. This method, however, is highly unreliable as you run into factors such as cards already being linked to accounts and bots just flagging the transfers since you are sending funds from a new account. It is a 50/50 chance, and I have not gotten it to the point of being a consistent method. For this reason, I suggest not taking this route as you usually lose money after buying CCs and most of them being either linked or Paypal just outright blocking the payment. I am currently looking for a better method of carding transfers, so if I do happen to find a better method I will update my guide.


Cashing Out:

So you have received a dirty transfer and it is sitting in your account. A rookie mistake is to try and send it out the same day. Do not do this! You need to wait at least 24-48 hours before trying to move any funds out. If you do try and send it out same day, you will usually receive some sort of error as Paypal bots will most likely block it. Also, do not try sending funds out via Paypal website. Stick to using the mobile app as you will have higher success. But because we are using the mobile app, we are limited in how we can cash out our funds. My personal favorite and what I mainly use is just trading Paypal for crypto. "Just like how we do when we age?" you might ask. Exactly the same thing. Only difference is that when you buy crypto, you want to buy it at a better rate than what you sell it for. In this way, you are still making money in the process. Other ways you can cash out is sending Paypal for gift cards and then converting the gift cards into crypto or just using those gift cards yourself. Possibilities are endless, I am just listing what I have personally tried myself and what has worked for me.



I hope that this guide is well-written and informative. I would like to point out that everything I have written is what I currently do now and will be doing until I stop breathing or Paypal just goes to shit. This is not some bullshit guide that is a dead beaten horse, but is something that YOU can do right now and it is still working. I hope this post inspires others to post current working methods.

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