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Sep 14, 2017
Laptop/computer, vpn, solid facebook account(s) and decent ccs. You will also need to have some form of presence on social media forums

Facebook carding is by far the easiest out there. What I mean is that if you are able to get established aged business accounts for facebook, or if you can create your own knowing how to (do your own research), you can then attach your ccs to these business accounts and sell 'access' to people out there that are not able to use facebook business for their advertising needs. A threshold on a business account is £600. Therefore even if your cc has a balance of £10 but is valid, you still get £600 out of it before it will freeze and ask you to update cc at which point you either move onto the next account OR update the cc if you have a strong balance cc.

This method can be repeated endless amount of times all day everyday. There are thousands if not, hundreds of thousands of people out there that are unable to get a business facebook account (as they do not know any other way than the 'normal' way to get one) and are willing to pay you upfront for the service.

- Valid cc attached to a fb account = £600 balance regardless of balance on card.
- Client pays you via whatever method you want 50-80% of account value (£300-500) per account enabling them to have 'access' to a business account for their needs with a £600 threshold.
- Bank and repeat

Make sure you have a decent setup, various accounts on your laptop/computer, clean ips etc.

With this method you are also helping others who are in genuine need.

It works. Give it a try and remember, you eat, we all eat. Stay humble and see you around if not here, elsewhere.
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