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May 27, 2016
First of all you need to understand a few things. If you are an amateur or above, you must know the terms SQLI ; SQLI Dumper, Dorks, e.t.c.

These terms have a common meaning, SQL Injection. I'm not going deep on what SQL Injection is, but I will try to make it easy and understandable. SQL is a type of code used to create a website and manage it's administrator access, database, e.t.c. So now we got SQLI ( SQL Injection ). Sql Injection is used to extract the database of a website. It basically tricks vulnerable sites to think that you are the administrator and give you access to the database. This only works on Vulnerable sites that have a "hole" in their SQL code.

Now you must be familiar with the program SQLI Dumper. This program does all the work for you, that's why even people that don't have even minimum coding skill are able to hack into shit without even calling it hacking. Basically SQLI Dumper is a program that uses "Dorks" to find sites and later on find vulnerabilities in those sites and perform SQL Injection on them, allowing you to extract the database.

Now you must hear this word a lot "DORKS". You probably have tried to make some, but they are never HQ. Reason? - You don't know what the fuck they are and you don't know how they work. I will talk about simple dorks, since the more complex ones (google dorks) are way out of your league if you are reading this. Simple dorks contain 3 things, a keyword, page type and a parameter.

eg. prtship.php?site=

prtship - keyword

.php? - file type

site= - parameter

These probably look familiar to you, but you simply don't know where you have seen it.

Here you go: Just an example of where you have seen a "dork".

Each 3 things that are a part of the dork are very important and will tell if the dork is HQ or not. Let's say you are trying to make gaming dorks. To do it, you need to find / make keywords that are commonly used on gaming sites, example: game, csgo, steam, steamapi, origin, fifa, e.t.c. (note these are just examples, don't use them). Page types also play a huge role, you probably seen types like .php ; .asp ; .aspx ; .html ; .htm ; ... Well if you don't know much about them and if you just copy them from a random person that shared them, basically you fucked up. Not all page types support SQL coding, not all of them can have SQL Injection performed on them. Of course a .html one can lead to a .php one, but the dorks need to be really carefully made and put in the right order to do so. If you are using SQLI Dumper, Dork Searcher Ez, or other shitty tool like these to get URLS, then you only need .php ; .asp ; .aspx page types. Finally, the parameters. Same goes for them, if you are making gaming dorks, you need to focus on commonly used gaming parameters on websites, such as: gamingid= ; game= ; pagetype= ; page= ; e.t.c. (you can use these, but still, they are just examples). Basically all 3 things need to already exist to work, if you are writing random stuff like "steam game csgo .php?site =" won't really work well for you. That's why you need to pay attention on what you write and from where you get the 3 items. If you do it right, your dorks should be super HQ and should provide a lot of urls in very short time.

Now we have come to checking the Dorks. If you are not a total beginner, you must be using SQLI Dumper, if not, Dork Searcher Ez to check them and after that SQLI Dumper to dump the data. Well for the best way to check dorks and dump databases is V3n0m - Scanner + SQLmap. I'm totally not going to explain how to use these.

If you are using SQLI Dumper or Dork Searcher Ez, focus on 3 sites: 1st - Google ; 2nd - Yahoo ; 3rd - Bing. If you check dorks with SQLI Dumper use HMA or Express VPN (I use HMA), put 500 dorks (Max 15k or it will crash), on the right side check google, yahoo and bing, uncheck the others if they are checked and click start. When you see that google isn't adding any URLS, change your IP address. Same goes for Dork Searcher EZ. Once you have collected all the URLS, you can check for exploitables by using Site Hunter: you can just use SQLI Dumper, I leave that to you. After that, check for Injectables and at the end dump the data.

If you get hashed combos, I strongly recommend using HashCat or PasswordPRO, but if you are a lazy ass like me, or have a p0tat0 PC you can buy inside pro hash finder.
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