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May 15, 2016
What is IMEI and why it is needed

IMEI is a digital combination, unique for each mobile device . With it, you can track and lock your phone or tablet. The purpose of such identification is to protect the consumer’s equipment from possible theft. Such a security tool will help in the shortest possible time to track down and find the stolen device.

IMEI is used in the following situations:

If the attackers kidnapped your smartphone, you can remotely block access to it.To do this, you will need to immediately call your telecom operator and provide information about the loss, indicating the individual device number. Specialists will block the phone within the coverage of their network and enter it into the database, as well as inform other mobile service providers about the implementation of these actions;

Recruitment of such numbers speaks volumes. In this code designation are hidden: the model (the first eight digits), the origin and make of the device, the manufacturer (the next six digits);

IMEI can be used to track the location of a smartphone , but this will require you to subscribe to the appropriate service. In this case, the user can monitor with another SIM card.

IMEI Check

Before you configure IMEI, you need to know the number currently installed.

It is quite simple to do this:

For all devices with the Android operating system, you will need to type the command * # 06 # and press the call button. After performing these actions, a window will pop up instantly, in which the current number will be indicated.

You can also go to the settings section on your smartphone and at the very end of the list open the “About application” tab. A window will open with detailed information about the device in which you can view the IMEI number.

Changing the identifier

There are several methods for restoring and changing the identification number:

Using the engineering menu.This menu is provided on all mobile devices on the Android platform. The data is stored here in non-volatile memory NVRAM;

With the help of third-party programs and applications. For such purposes, developed special software to write new numbers.

Through the engineering menu The
engineering menu is a hidden feature of the smartphone and is intended for testing and settings.

You can start working through the engineering menu by using special USSD commands. The key combination is entered on the standard dial pad and is different for each manufacturer. On various online resources, you can find out the combination for a particular brand of phone.

For example: HTC devices have the following combination: * # * # 8255 # * # *; Samsung Galaxy: * # * # 4636 # * # *; ZTE and Meize: * 983 * 07 #; tablet with Nvidia processor (Xiaomi): * # * # 6484 # * # *; Huawei: * # * # 2846589 # * # *, * # * # 3646633 # * # *.

As soon as the command is entered, the corresponding menu opens. Getting lost in it is very easy. Therefore, further be guided by the following algorithm:

In the main window, open the “Connectivity” panel. Click on the item "CDS information", then "Radio Information". Select the line "Phone 1". A new window will open, in which the first item will be marked with the currently valid IMEI. You need to enter in the command field the following: AT + EGMR = 1.7, “the desired digital identifier”.

Execute the command by clicking on the “Send at command” button.

Attention! On different models of smartphones the path to the desired settings may vary.

In order for the changes to take effect, you will need to reset the mobile device. After the reboot, check the installed IMEI by entering the key combination * # 06 # on the keyboard.

Changing with the help of applications
Another way to change the identifier is to use specialized programs. But to use them, you need the status and rights of the superuser in the phone. To activate this type of rights, you need to install the application Farmarootpro5.1 on your smartphone.

Again, on different brands of phones Root-rights are received in different ways.

I will describe a general instruction that is not suitable for everyone:
  1. Install and run Farmaroot (there is no program in Google Play, so you need to search for it on the network). In the main menu, click on “InstallSuperSU”. Specify the method of rutting (choose from the available).
  2. Next, restart the gadget. Now that you have special rights, install one of these programs: Mobileuncle or Xposed IMEI Changer.
  3. The procedure for working with Mobileuncle is as follows: Install and run the Xposed framework application. Open the engineering mode section, in which select the engineering menu.
  4. Further, as in the previous method, go to the tab "Connectivity" - "CDS information". We register the new digital value of the identifier -AT + EGMR = 1.7, “new value” and perform a system reboot.
  5. Check whether the new imei is installed by typing the appropriate key combination. This program is designed to work with MTK series processors.
  6. After successfully performed actions, it is recommended to reset the Root rights and remove the Farmaroot application for the correct operation of the terminal. The algorithm for working with the XPOSED IMEI Changer utility: Get the superuser rights, as in the previous method. Run the utility and open the “Modules” menu. Check the IMEI Changer option and reboot your mobile device.
  7. Then open the id change application. In the item “New IMEI No” enter the new value of the personal code and confirm the actions performed.
  8. Reload the gadget and check the result. In case of failure and entering an incorrect value, repeat again, but by setting a different digital value of the serial number. This method is ideal for terminals with a Snapdragon (Samsung) processor from Qualcomm.
  9. New numerical data can be selected using a special generator. Such applications are in the public domain. There are also online versions in which you can use the generator, instantly selecting a new combination.
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