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Sep 14, 2017
The potential for this method is extremely HIGH and the investment is low.
You need: Smartphone ( ios or android ), VPN app, Specific CCs

1. Switch on your VPN You need to use a VPN ( mobile VPN ) for this method, this one must be a good one and safe one: It means a VPN provider where the admins doesn’t record some information about you like your IP, your information given, your payment method…etc… If you already have good one it is perfect, otherwise I can share my safe provider: Then chose ip located in one of these place as you like I tried with a lot of different places and the best results I got was through these places listed above, so just check which servers are available from your VPN provider an choose one of them.

2.Download your APP As I told you this method requires the use of a mobile app, this app is BRD, it’s a bitcoin wallet with which you can buy bitcoins through CCs.
You can get it on Android CH play and also on Apple store. Once you have your BRD app downloaded on your smartphone you are ready for next step.

_______________ 3.Settings before carding. Now you have two choices depending what you want: _______________

**** 1, You’re in hurry and want to get 1st carded coins quickly If it is the case, note that you will be able to card only 1 time per BRD account, so make a little deposit 1 day after downloading your app and start the process explained in at checkpoin number 4.
*** 2. You’re not in hurry If it’s not the case, note you will be able to card around 3,4,5 times max per BRD account because during 1 week you will make some deposits, more your deposits will be high more you have chance to card for a long time for each account.
4.Your card. Now you have ready for this step I tried with CCs from different countries and got always ID verification requests for my orders except for Chinese CCs otherwise they may ask you for ID verification. If you get easily fake IDs ( pictures and/or scans ) you can also use CCs from USA, UK, EU, etc… You can get Chinese international fullz CCs on some DNM places/autoshops but sometimes it is not easy to find,

5. Your order. Now you’re ready for this main and last step, when you click on buy” button you will be directed on Simplex interface when you have chosen the amount. Enter your fullz informations and complete your order. In less than 5 minutes your coin are transferred on your wallet. I advise you to send them after 30 minutes outside your BRD wallet after each order, they won’t warn you before locking your account. Also before sending them to your own wallet don’t forget to send them to a bitcoin mixer likeBitCloak Repeat the operation everyday until you reach the capacity limits of the card.

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