Cashout Bank Logs with the ACH Transfers

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May 15, 2016
This is a self made tutorial to check the bank logs and to cash out it.

To check the bank log.

-create a account in the

-add the bank log to your account by that you can verify the log.

-In the dashboard you can see the transactions of the bank account.

-To verify the mini deposits in (paypal,skrill) you can use them.

To Cashout the bank log Using Paypal

-create a new account in paypal with dead fullz or buy a middle man account.

-If your fullz are not goog used to create to create the paypal account earlier you can't add balance to it. Paypal will connect the account with are created by the same information which triggers the flag and account goes limited.

-If the account is successfully created add the bank account to it and add balance from the bank account.

-For new paypal account the transaction takes 3 business days to appear in the account.

-For aged account with transaction history takes 1-2 business days to appear in the account.

-You can add your drop bank to withdraw the funds or you can buy with the balance before the charge back comes.

-To transfer the balance to your drop bank account takes 1 business days.

-You can also use your Bitcoin debitcard to withdraw the funds to the BTC directly From Paypal without exchangers.

Using Skrill:

-Create a new account with the dead Fullz and add the bank account.

-Verify the Bank account with the mini deposits(using Mint)

-Add the Balance to the Skrill and Cashout it with Drop account or spend it.
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