Carding In Store For Noobs 3.5!

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May 15, 2016
Don't shit where you sleep--NEVER card anywhere near your hometown!

Dress the part-Look like you should be buying what your carding,,if your trying to card expensive jewelry and your pants are sagging down around your ass the only thing your leaving that store with is a matching set of silver braclets and a free ride to county. Like it or not your an actor now and think of your clothes as props and dress according to where you are working.Only use nice shiny new cards if you want the cashier to look at your ID very carefully,,a new card could have just been stolen from a mail box. So,,,rub it a couple times with light sand paper from side to side on the front and back to mimic looking like it's been swiped a few times.

Get a wallet with a flipout holder to put your ID in so there is never an excuse for it to leave your hands and never carry more than 4-6 cards in a wallet at one time--just draws extra attention you don't need.

Carding-it's time to see how good an actor you are.You need to act like this is your card. Whatever happens this is your card and you need to stay calm. So,it's time to start working on your social engineering skills. The quickest way to get a person to drop their guard and get them to trust you is with a good sense of humor and a smile.These cashiers see it all in the 8hrs of misery that is a normal workday for them. So,get them smiling and laughing and that pos terminal could say you just killed someone and the cashier could care less. In the entire time I've been doing this I manage to encode the wrong dump onto matching plastic twice and I remember both times vividly.Firsst time the cashier still had the card in her hand when message popped up incorrect last four. We were allready laughing about something else and I just said "Good thing your computer waited until closing to crap out on you,,try this one and if there is still a problem with it I can just write a check and all she said was as long as it lasted long enough for her to ring out with in 5 min she didn't care". Second time was on a saturday morning and I had the card still in my hand and read it off and that same error code for wrong last four popped out and all I said was"it finally happened I drank so much last night that I forgot how to read and oh shit that was the wrong card anyways,,no money on it" Remember guys only criminals run and these guys aren't cops they CAN'T touch you unless you hit first,,all they can do is folllow you and call the cops.

Avoid hitting small chain stores more than one day in a row- They WILL fax out your photo to other stores in the area if you hit them repeatedly.

I don't care how many of the same chain store you've been in and they don't check last four-if your carding in a new town and going to that same chain--use matching plastic. If they have been hit hard before or are in a town with a high crime rate,,they will be checking and avoid the stores in ghettos-your just asking for trouble there.

If you notice the cashier has forgot to charge you for something--point out the mistake and get them to fix it! The last thing you want is to be wallking out the door and have the cashier come out after you,,because they just noticed the mistake and now you can go back in and try your luck again or give it back with possibly your finger prints on it.

Now for the not so nice shit--if you ever get pulled over by the cops and they ask to search your car you say NO everytime they ask you say NO! They say they have you on video using a stolen card,,blah-blah.

You say NO. They can't arrest you without PROOF of a crime. And there is no way the cardholder has been down to file a police report within the same day you were using the card.And they can't search your property without a warrant. So, as long as there is nothing illegal on you they can arrest you for when they pat you down or anything in their computer on you,,your going home that night and allways put shit in your trunk,out of sight that way they can't say the so called stolen property was in plain sight,,allways use the trunk. And don't lie to them! Remember these statements "Really?,, I don't remember that" or "if you say so,,I don't remember" or if your a really greasy shit like me,,you pull out your lawyers business card and tell them any questions other than those need to identify you should be asked to him.

Lastly NEVER-EVER emboss and encode the card holders real name and info on a card! I cannot stress this fact enough! If the feds catch you with these cards it is 6 months per card-consecutive! Which means 10 cards gets you 60 months in club fed,,where if the cardholder name was fake you might have gotten off with plea deal of time served and probation with restitution.Good luck noobs and stay safe
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