Carding/Hacked PayPal through Android

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May 15, 2016
Some of you may not be aware but you can card or gain account access through an android emulator called BlueStacks.
Now why is this important? Because all payment processors use a fraud prevention system to flag risky transactions.
Each company has their own unique system, but most utilize a fraud score or hot/cold system.
Having good sock 5 proxies in the Cardholder or Accounts city is key, but if you're trying to log into PayPal with no cookies,
lets say trying to access a hacked account you just bought, more than likely youl get a text/call verification screen,
and good luck using phone takeover fraud on those, they blur out the number. Using what appears to be a mobile device,
your fraud score is lowered, due to not many breaches being done by mobile devices,
hopefully enough to get you through security measures. BlueStacks doesnt naturally support Sock5 proxies,
so you'l need to configure Proxifier to carry over to other processes somewhere in the profile menu. There's some guides on YouTube.
This method also works great with carding and sending money in a Transfer receiving setup. I've found some amazing content here on this site,
and this is my contribution
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