Carding Gaming Hacks And Refunding For Profit 2021


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Mar 13, 2021
Hello everyone, I hope that there are gamers who play games and like to cheat.

I'm playing CSGO and I'm a big cheater, I was buying good cheats to become a better player than others.

Now, what I'm going to show you is something good even if you're not a gamer. Why? Because with this you can profit.

I was carding this website

They DON'T HAVE Verified by Visa protection, which is really good for carding, once I paid with stolen CC I was asking for a refund after 4-5 hours, don't ask after 5 minutes, they offer refunds.

This is how I got a profit via PayPal:

1. Buy any product from them.
2. Wait about 5-6 hours or you can even wait 2-3 days, because they offer a 14 days refund.
3. When asking for a refund, send them your transaction ID or any other proof that you paid, use a real email address because you will get that transaction ID on your email address.
4. Contact them and tell them that you don't want their product anymore and you want a refund, don't forget to send them your email address (Your PayPal email)
5. Wait for them to reply, they will send your refund to the email you have provided when you were asking for a refund.
6. Easy profit.

I was doing this for a longer time and made some nice amount of money, just a little advice, DO NOT RUSH, stay calm and do it slowly.

I hope someone liked my tutorial on how to make cash from this and good luck, stay safe... I was using CyberGhost VPN and Brave browser for this.
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