Carding Amazon Method ( TESTED )

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Dec 18, 2016

That thing you need is to card?
1 .- Cvv2 to address, Full Name, Phone, Zip, City, and State of the cc.
2 .- you need is a sock 4 or 5 which is the state of the cc (I hope the city) And this sock must never have used before to
create an amazon account. If you do not know what a sock google it!
3 .- you need is a program to clean up cookies .. At the end of the post I put it.
First a group of cards amazon
Well, first go to amazon .. Create an account with the sock.
Now they have to act like a normal buyer. Although they reviewed everything seems stupid for something is more
difficult now in amazon card. They must add to cart sign out after .. Wait a few hours after entering the car denuevo
delete add etc anything. You get the point. Act as a buyer either. DO NOT ADD ALL OF A PURCHASE AND Altira.
Well the main thing is that the first purchase has ke be between $ 30-100.
But a little part of Social Engineering. first since they already paid .. closed session .. Wait 5 minutes and come
denuevo and can send an email to support. Saying thing you need is to buy as soon as possible because your child
reaches the other day from college and you want to give what you bought to put an approved university happy because
bla bla ... Ahi invent what you want.
Then depending on what time it is very fast You will receive a response from amazon to tell .. Well we will look
quickly your order and send it.
If they say they called the phone number of cc. And if you are lucky and no one answered then told that a problem had
changed their home or nose .. And they call to another phone.
After your order arrives. Your account becomes an account credited and after that can get started to place orders
between $ 500-800 obiamente the cc has to be fresh and cash.

Second form of carded on Amazon
Well same as above using the sock account is created. This form is easier and the more I use. But it is a bit less
effective. First buy something very cheap $ 2 at most. (Something very important, never ask speedy delivery Next Day
Saber) Always ask for the cheapest or slow. Well once your order was approved the same as above becomes your own
I recommend the ship to choose FedEx as it does not have as much security as UPS
When the package if they do sign say it is impossible to you for any reason and that thing you need is the package
because it is medicine for your dog or yourself etc. Inventenle take something that delivers sympathy with the package.
Once this is done we can buy things between 600-800 $.
In any case we do not recommend ordering $ 200-500 because that is less suspicious.
Another thing you can do. If you have a botnet as zeus or SpyEye etc.

You can use an account that has fallen from amazon. With the mail of the person. It is very easy in those cases that go
orders because the account is already established.
Very important:
Clean up your pc, Flash cookies, MAC address, everything!.
Make it realistic not believe the account and buy some $ 300 Altira.
Amazon cancel your account if you do.
Program to clean Flash cookies:


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Mar 12, 2018
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