Carding Amazon and Walmart Gift Card, 2018-11 successful method


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Sep 14, 2017
I have tested this method several times in the last month and have a 60% success rate.
I think that there is a certain relationship with BIN, and there must be excellent socks5 --.......ip

OK. Let's get started

1 First you need an iPhone and you must jailbreak.
2 About the IPHONE system, it must be in IOS10 ----ios10.3.3(More than ios10.3.3 system, ios exists WEBRTC, will expose your real IP )
3 Install socks5 agent software
4 After setting up SOCKS5, in safair, log in to, register your Amazon account, add 3 items to your shopping cart, and finally select the e-Gift card in your shopping cart. Then close
5 Log in to your account 24 hours later and purchase a gift card directly.
6You will receive your gift card within 4 hours.

Wal-Mart's approach is the same, but Wal-Mart usually receives a gift card within 2 minutes.
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