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May 15, 2016
Have you already encountered difficulties when constantly a window with a captcha instead of the necessary page? and maybe they don’t even allow one or another portal. The fact is that IP Tor is being blacklisted everywhere.

There is a way out, you can exit from another browser through pure Socks5, VPN and everything ..

But then your favorite .onion Browser Thor will not work with the usual Socks5, but it is well configured for anonymity on the network. And accessing the network using one chain from one SSH server may be unacceptable.

Well, let's start:

To build, you need a working SSH, TOR Browser and Double SSH Tunnel Manager. First we configure the Double SSH Tunnel Manager and add the

loginassword @ IPort or IPort format to the SSH program ; login; password added;

Then we go into the program settings and where we need to put a tick, just change the ports if necessary.

after all the procedures are completed, the program should look like: The

connection consists of 4 links, the first 3 links are the Thor server, the last is at the output of the SSH server. When connecting, a local Socks5 was created, which we will use further. Then download the TOR browser or install an existing one.

Next, in the Thor browser, we disable the use of the native Socks5 TOR, and in order to switch to Socks_SSH:

1) write the line about: addons - (Enter) and disable TorLauncher

2) write the line about: config search for the line

browser.startup.homepage; : tor and change to

browser.startup.homepage; about: home looking for a value

extensions.torbutton.test_enabled; true and change to

extensions.torbutton.test_enabled; false

After we reload Thor.

With these actions we disconnected from our native Socks5, then in the settings we prescribe Socks5 from Double SSH Tunnel Manager

3) Start and write the line aboutreferences advanced go in the NETWORK - SETUP menu instead of port 9150 in 1080.

Everything is configured.

We check how everything works.

To do this, go to the site see the output IP of the SSH server.

Everything works as Double SSH Tunnel Manager can redirect .onion requests to Top. This assembly Thor browser + Double SSH Tunnel Manager program can be downloaded.

You need to add your SSH and use it. You don’t need to configure anything yourself. Also Thor browser can be updated if a new version is released, but the settings will be saved.
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