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May 15, 2017
Before starting, I would like to introduce you to the theory.

BruteForce - password guessing method, by iterating through possible combinations.

GitHub is the largest web service for hosting IT-projects and their joint development.

Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language focused on increasing developer productivity and code readability.

To bust the password, we will use a script that was written in Python. It is quite easy to use and works on any operating systems.

Let's get started.

To get started, download and install Python by reference. . We need it to run the script.

Now download the script itself from GitHub .

Unzip InstaBrute-Master.

Now create or download a database with passwords for brute force.

Take a couple of fresh proxies from and copy them into a text document.

Open the command line (cmd) and drag the script there. Use a space to write -u (your victim's login) -w (the name of a text document with a list of passwords that you previously placed in the same folder with the
script) -p (a document with a proxy) -t (the number of threads, standard costs 4) -d - v.

Click on Enter and wait. If you are lucky, after a while you will see the password for the account you need.
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