Botnet And Its Danger

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May 15, 2017
A botnet is a common problem on the Internet and its security; it is a network of computers, sometimes servers that, through vulnerabilities in software or the usual nonsense of users, are infected with viruses and trojans designed to “zombie” your PC (usually because they are controlled via remote control). or a hidden user) whose purpose is not to harm your data in the first place or to delete them, but to turn the computer into a “zombie” (or bot), in such a state in which the attacker can use the computational resources for their own purposes. As an option - use as an anonymous remote PC in illegal schemes (carding, shadow business, etc.)

One of the largest well-known botnets controlled the network by more than 12 million. It became known in March 2010, the hacker who launched it did not catch.

The main danger and opportunities for Botnet The

list of botnet capabilities is quite large in itself as the methods of their use differ every day new ones change and are added), but basically they are all divided into the following categories:

1. Loader: There are almost all viruses and trojans using for a botnet. Updates or installs old versions of the bot, downloads everything that a hacker needs and does not need you (trojans, new bots, etc.). Using this program, spyware Trojan programs can be installed on all computers at the same time. They transmit all data ever entered on this computer. (It can even be credit card details or bank accounts)
Keylogger : interception and saving of characters entered on the keyboard subsequent shipment to hackers. (as you understand the amount of data and the possibilities of such a virus are not limited, since such a logger records what and where you enter, for example, on the Sberbank site, data on the card and other)

2. DDoS: attacks servers or other PCs by overloading multiple requests from a network of bots. Such an attack can completely put the server or PC, or seriously harm its work. Sometimes it is used for cyber blackmail, demanding a ransom to stop the attack. Of course, both for political purposes and attacking government websites and other interesting resources (for example, anonymous hackers often punish their enemies in this way and own some of the largest botnet networks). One of the most successful and well-known attacks on Microsoft's servers with the help of the MSBlast! Virus, a trojan that, on one day, began to hammer out requests from all computers with the address, which caused the site to suck and crash a couple of times.

3. Spam: (more than 80% of world traffic is loaded with such viruses and messages) a pre-prepared template of spam messages and start sending spam to specified addresses, and often a loader is built in the messages themselves, and as we already know, it can download everything else ...

4. Proxy : use the computer network of a botnet as a proxy for anonymity, ie encryption hacker traffic that will use your PC, often used carders and shady business dealers (and the risk is that then come for you to prove your innocence will Pts Hb difficult and sometimes even impossible

This is a remote access to your PC, often used for Cryptomining cryptocurrency - This is a malware infecting a computer and spreading it over the network, that is, it has almost all of the above features built in to mine cryptocurrency (for example, Bitcoin), this is the most common use of a botnet Nowadays, due to the growing popularity and cost of cryptocurrency, the

control and use of the network is often not done by the hackers themselves. and the companies that bought them from them, for example, for the destruction of competitors, competitor sites' dudos and other options for commercial use and monetization of bonet networks


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