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May 19, 2016

It's fact that online carding has become tough compared to previous years but still there are ways
to crack security of the portals and card them succesfully..!!

Many people in online behave as vendors that they will teach you online stuff/carding through their
tutorials but actually they wont/or they teach the same old stuff, it might look different but when you
try practically or in application you fail..!!You might have paid for the teachings or tutorial guides but
in vein..!! Ill give you basic stuff here that might help you to some extent..!!

For carding stuff basically you need few of them below..!!

▬ RDP/Vpn
▬ Sock5


• Rdp is Remote desktop connection which is used to connect to other virtual system where you can use the browsers
in it to make orders.
• You can buy RDP from portals available on the market
• Connect to the RDP and install Mozilla Firefox in the RDP and Clear cookies
• Then we need to use sock5 in the RDP in order to smoothen the location of the store where we gonna order
• Using Same state sock5 is far better
• You need to enter Sock5(you can purchase from portals) in Mozilla firefox
• Mozilla firefox>settings>options>advanced>Network>settings >Manual Proxy conifuration>PUT SOCK FILE THERE and OK it
• Then close the browser and open and clear cookies and now you are ready to use the Browswer..!!

You can to your desired portal and card with some techniues..!!


•Use billing=shipping (put shipping/drop address in place of billing)
•Use bill=bill; ship=ship(some low security sites allow this)

To card some websites like walmart,bestbuy,Lowes,homedepot you need to use specific bins also to go through the


For walmart use Zipcode CVV or near by zipcode ones/use old walmart accounts ,add new cc to it and wait for 6hrs and order to have success(PRESENTLY WORKING)
For bestbuy use debit platinum/debit business cards to go through orders(PRESENTLY WORKING)

For Newies few suggestion(you can take it or not,your wish)
• dont believe in D+P sale on forums from private unverified vendors (99.9% will try to rip u), if they have D+P they will probably
go for Cashouts/give reputed cashiers for cashout to get share but why do they sell money for money??Think

• Dont belive in Western union transfers,like genuine western union/money gram carders go for cashouts for share etc but
they wont share method or give 1000$ mtcn for 100$btc, the ones who claim of selling method or doing transfers money are Rippers(99.99%)

• One more point about western union, people will send you screenshots of western union transfers but you know 99.99% of them are
photoshopped or marphing ones..!!dont belive in that.

▬ Dont pay upront for Bank transfers/Venmo transfers/paypal transfers ,always go though Escrow if you are dealing with new
ones, thats safe

▬ People who claim that they teach CC to BTC method are 100% Rippers ,if they know how to convert moeny in cc to BTC ,they will
be busy in doing that for themselves and make 1000s daily but why they gonna wait for you to send them little btc to teach you? think

Thats all for now buddies, if anything new i'll post again..!!

Im not here to teach, just sharing basic info about carding.
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