Banks began to discourage Russians from putting face scans

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May 15, 2016
Neither the banks themselves nor their clients need to do this.

Employees of large Russian banks told reporters that they are dissuading clients from submitting biometric data. They consider it unsafe and meaningless.
Representatives of banks argued their skepticism about technology. First of all, financial institutions do not earn money on biometrics, but only incur expenses. An average face scan or voice recording takes an hour, which slows down banks. In addition, a single biometric system works with errors. Sometimes people donate biometrics 15 times.

Secondly, banks do not want customers to buy through them financial products and services of other organizations.

As summarized by, banks simply do not need biometrics, and they are not sure about its safety. The interviewee told the publication that there were cases when fraudsters forged voice casts of Russians.

According to the central bank, in Russia, 146 banks out of 470 existing biometrics are currently collecting biometrics.
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