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Oct 28, 2016
1) Know your target/surroundings!

Alright, one thing that many many people make mistake is that they first look for skimmer vendor and attempt to buy most "popular" ATM skimmer in place which Rafael says is the Die bold. Now, what I advise you guys who are just getting into skimming scene is to choose POI (Points of Interests) and take note of what type of ATMs are most common there. Instead of pulling the trigger and purchasing most "common" model, because then it can be a pain in the ass locating a compatible ATM to work alongside your skimming device.

So in a nutshell, target your surroundings and play the objective. Then after look for a specific vendor that can offer what you have in need. This here can be tricky because a lot of vendors usually have fixed models and are not open to customizing to your needs.

2) Get the right Equipment!

However one thing that is coming more and more popular is appealing to the use of a 3D printing service so that you can get right fit for ATM. Now, you can most likely hire a freelancer or someone to do the dirty work of compiling a 3D file for you that can later be sent off for printing service.
Alternately; you can purchase ready made 3D files from other carders lurking in forums, just a quick search here you may find something that spark your interest. Also, another trend is to try and purchase replacement parts of the specific ATM, a quick google search will re-direct you to a few sites that can offer such products. When ordering from these type of sites, it's best you take upmost caution as they are legitimate vendors and report "x" number of "y" parts shipped to "z". Therefore, use drops and online security as you attempt to process the order. One thing is that ordering from such sites you might require to make some fake docs that you own some business that is in need of some parts; well that shouldn't be too big of a issue as you can go find a person that specializes in making fake docs here! I would highly recommend throwing in some sort of "Certificate" of business in that field of sector, to improve your case.

3) Target

2 full weeks of Recon is what I recommend when doing such ops. It's best to analyze traffic spikes on certain days and whatnot, however they fluctuate but you can get a good sense of idea on what days get more traffic towards the specific ATM and those that dont. What I recommend is for you or your partners to go and make Excel chart of all data on different time of traffic for the 2 weeks. This will be rather time consuming, but when you get a nice set of data showing you similar patterns you can better target your ATM. So, more info we know-the better. Excel is a excellent tool as it will organize everything to your needs and for clearance yes i am talking about Microsoft Excel! Basically, what you will do is start a file with all data input of each day, each hour. You can switch between partners, 8 hours each you guys watch ATM and analyze traffic spikes and surrounding area. Regular customers and all. Therefore, you will know what type of ATM skimmer you should put in place. For example if that ATM gets a regular customer of 12-13 people that can be bad as they will recognize anything out of the ordinary. At this point you want to change your attack vector and possibly opt for a more slick skimming device. For example; On some Diebold machines there is a black shield protecting the pin pad area, now if you were just to tear it and dispose it, don't you think someone will notice a big black bulky shield just happened disappear? Things like this will through off red flags. Instead of Camera, maybe opt for keypad or vise versa. Whatever works better for the ATM and the customers you need to offer that! Because you want to give them a "easy and smooth" experience at the ATM. Another big thing is to do RESEARCH on the area you are targeting. This can be done with ease via Google News. Example, say you are targeting some US city go on head over to Google news and search "blah city skimming", where blah is whatever city you are targeting. This will send output of data where skimming incidents have happened. So, if there is already skimming going on in that specific area you must know to take extra pre-caution because one bank brach WILL communicate with ANOTHER and alert them about such devices when there is a ongoing investigation. It would be very stupid, to make same mistake other guy before you did. So READ READ READ on what has happened already and how you can avoid making such mistakes! You will be surprised on how many incidents took place in that area already, so better prepare yourself .
Also when camping out and all you will probably need to appeal to Google MAPS, this tool is very powerful as it can give you detailed data down to the Centimeters! Perfect for plotting routes and such. If you are going to area you are not familiar with this a MUST DO step! The satellite option on the Google Maps service is very efficient and effective, giving you a real good setup of area and you can later plan out where you can sit and all. Furthermore, you can learn of small streets that eventually lead to main st in case you have to opt for that get away lol
When sitting you CAN take license plates off however this can be risky. One thing if you are doing this is have a Bill of Sale which basically states that you have purchased the car and are waiting for new plates to arrive in! The cop if pulled over and asked you why you don't have plates this will answer his question by showing him Bill of Sale, so that's another document you can get from fake docs.

That is a all for now, I will leave you guys at a cliff hanger! Another part will be releasing later today most likely; stay tuned and best of luck!


Part 2:

Now one thing most of you are scared of is actually placing the Skimmer onto the ATM. This is why you need to practice, practice, practice till it becomes like a normal task. Also, you must go in with a stable state of mind; and choose partners effectively so. As we all know good ATMs are usually placed around in a Plaza like surrounding or high traffic area where other stores exist. Therefore, more surveillance exists. One thing you guys can do is again use Google Maps so you know where to sit exactly, but this cant be your best bet. You must check out the target area and see what angles cameras and such are facing usually.

Alright, now for glue I've seen people use JBweld Glue for maximum efficiency. Glue tends to crack in types of weather/duration. But many people have opted for this glue and have done just fine. It also highly depends on if your gluing Plastic to Metal or Plastic to Plastic. Do a google search for whats best in your scenario, and opt for the best thing you can find on the market. There has been countless amount of stories of the darn skimmer just falling off on its own when a random customer is sliding the card in lol.

You need a Scouter changing his sitting points, looking at ATM at all times. Now this is where nice binoculars come into play. Use those to your advantage and keep a tab on suspicious activity around you or near you. I would highly recommend you have a guy going on Main streets every now and then-few miles away from ATM to check on incoming local police department as they are alerted first before any other agency like Secret Service/Feds. So be on the look out and have your eyes peeled!

Also, equipment wise don't use crappy readers! Invest in a good reader with a nice read ratio, it will do you great good in the long run! Another tactic that I have seen that's fairly common is using Electrical Engineers on the operation and getting them to help you maliciously. This is not a rather hard task, online there are a bunch of free lancers who are willing to do work, although the corrupt ones are usually overseas they will construct and build you a top notch quality and something the market hasn't seen. Why? Because money talks folks. This way you can be ensured of a high quality product from a stable reliable source!

Building your contacts and branching out your connections is a key tool for larger operations. You will need to keep a low profile but stay in the scene and look for breakthroughs at all times. The real deal skimmers are cutting edge and usually Bulgarians have their hands on it. Therefore, you can target your next vendor better-he will give you something out of the ordinary something new. Stop appealing to basic old camera method and go for something a little more radical that's far better engineered for you. Know the ATM, look at spare parts, look at models with skimmers for them already. Get the dimensions of the keypad and surrounding areas so that you know exactly what you are working with.

Custom work is the way to, I highly recommend that. Because they can craft to your needs and you won't be in for a surprise when you try and fit on ATM and you trigger some security or it simply doesn't fit.

Cheers! I will continue to add tips and tricks, as I do they will gradually get more and more advanced! Noob to Expert in no time folks!
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