ATM Skimmer Cashing/Installing Safety


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Oct 28, 2016
I was many time asked questions about how to be secure when working with skimmers. I will try to describe here the basic moments, which are important in the work, about which it is not necessary to forget, and I will also write some recommendations from my own experience.

And so, let us begin from the fact that I recommend, first of all, to conduct an observation of the target ATM, in which you want to place your skimmer. Observation must be carried out unnoticeably, for a period of several days. Do not use only your memory when observing. Anyway all exactly will not be memorized, so that it is necessary to make notations, but such that only it could understand them. But after the end of observation to lead them into the normal mode. Observer must be located in the field of straight visibility, it is dressed must be imperceptible. Observation can be carried out both directly visually and by means of the optical objects, type of binoculars or camera. Purpose of the observer: to mark how much in what period (on the hours) comes card holders to ATM, to mark the servicing time of ATM by personnel or by collectors, mark time and periodicity of patrolling this region and mark the time of arrival and withdrawal of guards and workers of the adjacent stores and mark time and presence of the random persons, who can prevent work. For example old ladies, the street dogs, the spontaneous assemblages of people and so forth to analyze everything are proceeding for the elongation 2-3 days and to determine the optimum from the point of view of safety time of the installation of equipment on the ATM.

Further the matter of equipment preparation.

It is necessary to verify again equipment before the installation, in fact that you are trained completely and were ready to use.

Further the work of fitter (installer):

The fitter must be trained, whose hands would know what to do, but head was not distracted to something that it does not help working. Fitter must not be nervous, he must rapidly and accurately carry out his work and quietly be removed. Fitter can be dressed both in the special clothing and in the usual civil clothing, this you will solve according to the situation.


And so, place was selected, the time of installation selected, the place, where observer during the work of equipment will be located is selected. This is automobile for example. Automobile must be imperceptible, but in also the time sufficiently spacious that the workers could sit through in it long time. It is necessary to remember that glass must be those darkened or stand on the glass of shutter so that would not raise the attention of fact sitting long the time in the car. To this those focus attention, who not far work, for example the workers of the nearest cafe or stores. Specifically, they can then tell the police about the number of auto-, color and so

Better that the car would be located in the zone of free parking. So that parking staff would not become witness then.

It is also necessary to take food products, water and everything which is necessary to this period. Workers must not leave the car. Moreover, they must not tear off view from what occurs near THE ATM.

They can be changed, for example one first looks constantly, and then another. It is optimal, according to the experience to be changed every 3 hours. Thus attention is not strongly dulled, and the possibility of a little rest is given.

Necessary to pay attention to that in the area of parking of auto- there's no cameras of observation and it did not interfere with the passage of another transport so that it would not be necessary during the work to change parking.

Also can workers be located in apartment that is rent 1-2 days. Watching atm at an apartment will make conditions better, but also you cannot be weaken. In this case it is necessary to consider to verify if any cameras of observation at the entrance into the house and so.

Also it is possible to observe your target (ATM) at the nearest hotel, and to also pay attention to the cameras of observation, and to the service personnel. You have to remember that apartment, hotel and the auto - must be ordered not with your real documents. It's up to you certainly, but if possible I recommend using fake documents. Installation itself takes about 40 seconds. This time it is sufficient in order to place equipment. Details about installation are described in the text file, which comes with equipment in the complete set, but I will here describe in few words about the basic. Installation occupies about 40 seconds, man, that will handle installation must be trained, and not nervous with the installation, must not be distracted, approached for example with the "top", put card, mounted to it housing, sticked, tested by putting a card (for the test), cancel button pushed, it eject out card then he runs away. The one who receive SMS will test too, will see, that it sticked well, so the housing is sticked good and that nothing is preventing card ejecting.

Well if all ok and test is passed, then the following stage (if something wrong with housing stick, or the card can't be rejected or anything else, then fitter should goes back, and remove the housing, re-glues double-sided tape and sticks again).

The following stage is the installation of keyboard. In the information file it is also described as to precisely establish the keyboard, such as hand to hold and as to stick, anyway fitter approaches with a large packet, in this case someone has to cover his spin, making as its a friend or the form of turn, and fitter glues keyboard. After sticking he also must verify the pressures of all keys. It presses for example all from 1 to 0 and all functional from cancel to enter. And them he will move away. But the one who receives SMS- he sees how numbers come, and if all ok that fitter goes in his place of observer, if he's an observer too. Although I advise so that the fitter would not observe, since it has already been lit on the camera. If some keys do not come or some button goes off scale. Then it is necessary to remove keyboard and to place it again. Everything must work excellently with correct keyboard placing. All together gluing occupies still less time than you now read, everything in total occupies about 40 seconds.

Removal occupies only longer, since it is necessary to cut double-sided tape. Its possible to sharpen plastic card and to cut by it tape, and then to accurately remove. Well this all described in that document which is supplied in the complete set with the equipment. I will here only say that the removal occupies about 1, 5 - 2 minutes. So that in the work everything would be reliable, greatly I recommend to make the following, 1-2 days, before the installation, approach precisely the ATM, on which you be going to place and to place upper part, to verify entire if it does work well and everything is normal, then remove, and then place also keyboard, to verify the pressures of keys precisely on that, which you'll be going to place, and after being certified that all ok, remove naturally carrying out test with the dispatch of numbers from the keyboard and the test card from the upper part. So that it wouldn't be bad surprise at the moment of installation so that you would accurately know that you or your workers in the necessary time confidently will do it right, and without any nuances.

By the way, during the removal of equipment, first in the essence carries out right action, and if suddenly at this moment they takes his hand, then he simply will say that here saw something suspicious, and he wanted to carry to the police that, he is respectable citizen and still will insist on this bank paying off reward to it. If certainly it was not lit on the cameras as fitter, then he will get away with it after hour and half, because they will realize that even inexpensive lawyer will let him go. But again after all, observation is simply necessary to see entire picture of proceeding so that the guy who will remove would be out of any dangers and your people would work and would bring income, and not have troubles, so better to think over previously than after.

Withdrawing Cash:

I hope, we understand that on almost ATM's there's a monitoring camera(s). Video is stored about 5 years, so it is necessary not to fall. Cameras start recording by default when occurs a movement in the control of the distance of 2 meters. I will limit to several recommendations, which appeared on my own experience. Not to stay at one ATM longer than 5 minutes. Not to tie to one bank. Not to remove money on that ATM, on which was established skimmer. To remove money is desirable not in that bank, on ATM of which was set skimmer. And generally I advise to study 3-D Secure with its filters, and not to fall on them. For example as to set of artificial turn among the workday, with other card holders... who understands about which I speak this is already 5-7 filters avoided.


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Aug 5, 2019
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