Apple Pay and Andoid Tap Cashouts Fresh 2018


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May 27, 2016
Apple Pay and Andoid Tap Cashouts

This method is easy and very dope...
Works like a charm...

1. Easy sign up
2. Easy mastercard debit card issuesd instantly and ready to be linked to apple pay or used for Android tap (android pay without using da android pay app)
3. 1000$ transaction limit per day
4. No drop needed
5. Dead fullz works
6. Random cc works
7. Applepay and androidpay cashout are instant
8. Withdrawal to bank 2-3 biz days

1. One registration per phone
System records device id
2. Ip sensitive
3. Geolocation sensitive

Analysis and exploit
One registration per fon can be bypassed with a device id changer...
This works for jailbroken apple phones and rooted android phones

Ip sensitive: you need good vpn; use paid vpn....
A carder should never use free vpn

3. Geolocation sensitive:
App needs GPs enabled on phone
Bypass: Download fAke location spoofer
Then u can fake ur geolocation to match your below....Rooted andoird or IPhone jailbreak..

Go to
Download the app Get a usa phone number....pinger or txtnow or any Register with your dead fullz info Verify your info by adding the ssn dob of the fullz
After the verification you get a premium mastercard...this is what u
need...automatically linked it to applepay... For android users u dont need works from the app...
After linking card on applepay set it as default payment in your payment settings. Add your cc ( debit cards have less security so i use those more but both debit and credit work like a charm) Any money u add goes to your apple pay To prevent app from freezing your account; Load 200$ at a time, cash it from apple pay...load another You can load 990$ at also works but if ur cc declines for low bal u cant even load 200$ if your cc has 500$ If you wanna load 990$ be sure your cc has enough funds... Cash your apple pay or android tap... Do same nxt day... You can set ur time to Pacific time....wait aroud 11:30 pm Do 990$ At 12:00 u do another 990$ Enjoy


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Feb 20, 2018
Please I want to know if ANDROID EMULATOR such as bluestacks, nox app player, Geny Motion etc can be use to cash out funds as against using an android phone.

I have windows phone which does not run android apps or program.

Can I use android emulator to cash out cc using your tutorial?

Or I should go and buy an android phone. but that will increase my little budget.

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